I snapped this image through a dirty bus window...seriously....is it the prettiest beach in the world? I think so. It's the south side of Vanua Levu, Fiji.

I snapped this image through a dirty bus window…seriously….is it the prettiest beach in the world? I think so. It’s the south side of Vanua Levu, Fiji.


Who knew my new blog would open up so many neat opportunities for me?

I did, I guess. On some level I felt so clear on Blogging from Paradise – both the eBook and blog – that I knew moving in this direction would bring me success. It wasn’t so much the success thing; my intent was, and is, to take you with me.

But to folks who are looking from the outside-in I may appear to be some type of machine.

More than any time in my career I’ve been “all over the place”, through guest posts, interviews, blog commenting, and a few mini-features/mentions.


Blogging from Paradise: The Secret


Here’s the secret: I didn’t try to be all over the place. I put effort into writing in-depth, 2500-3000 word posts. I mindfully put effort into posting in-depth, 5 or 6 paragraph comments, on authority blogs, but I didn’t try that much at all.

Typing these words from Savusavu, Fiji, I’m looking at the bay across the street. I’ve noted how the tide effortlessly flows in and out according to the tidal cycle.

The water doesn’t “try” to flow in and out based on the tidal cycle. The water just flows in and out, effortlessly.

The sun does not “will” itself to rise or set, daily. The sun effortlessly rises and sets.

You get the picture here, right? I didn’t try to influence Chris Brogan to tweet my eBook to his following nor did I beg and plead for Adrienne Smith to write a review of my new eBook.

I didn’t ask Carol Amato to submit a guest post to her blog.

As a matter of fact, the only feature involving me reaching out to the blog owner was my guest post on Daily Blog Tips. At that, Daniel Scocco offered a guest posting invitation to his audience 2 days before. I simply took him up on his invitation.

The secret of this outreach blitz was my intent; I want to take you with me. I want to inspire as many people as possible to blog from paradise, each time I:

  • Publish a blog post
  • Post a comment
  • Interact on social media sites

I carried the same intent when I wrote the eBook. Since most of my energy was devoted to creating helpful content, posting helpful comments on authority blogs and promoting other bloggers aggressively I had little energy left to think about outcomes.

Nailing down guest posts, getting interviewed and being the recipient of tweets from New York Times Best Selling Author Chris Brogan was the furthest thing from my mind. I devoted no energy to any of these exploits because, how could I?

I was so heavily focused on creating and connecting that I largely detached from outcomes.

*I was not TRYING to make any of these things happen.*

I focused my energy on bringing you with me. So naturally, I devoted almost all of my energy on purer intents, like creating rocking posts, comments, and promoting others, and naturally, all these neat things happened relatively quickly, on a time scale.


During the Past 3 Days…..


My guest posts went live on Carol Amato’s site and on Daily Blog Tips, and I was interviewed by Sue Anne Dunlevie from Successful Blogging.

How? Carol asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog. Sue Anne reached out to interview me for her awesome blog. Daniel offered the guest post invitation; I accepted, to publish a guest post on a serious authority blog.

There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and asking folks to submit guest posts, or asking to be interviewed. But when you’ve got your stuff down, when you’re devoting virtually all of your thoughts, feelings, attention, energy and focus, to creating epic content, and to posting epic comments on authority blogs, and when you’re aggressively promoting others…..most of these opportunities will fall into your lap.

You may reach out here and there but more often than not the Universe will bring these opportunities to you.

Think of the bay here in Savusavu, Fiji. The tide flows by itself. You may have to put effort into creating and connecting but if you don’t try too hard to make things happen, and focusing on getting super clear with your purpose, your intent, neat opportunities will fall into your lap too.


The Purpose of this Post


I want to share the power of working with a pure-ish intent, the leveraging potential of blogger outreach, and yep, I want to put the spotlight on many kind, inspiring bloggers who allowed me in to their home.

Hey, all of my blogging friends….and you’re ALL my buddies, from Chris Brogan, to Adrienne, to Daniel, to all of you…..

Thank You!! I can’t tell you how honored and humbled I am to have you bless me with the opportunities you provided me with.

On to the list….


Chris Brogan’s Twitter Feed


When a guy who gives business advice to Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Paulo Coelho tweets out your eBook link, you’re freaking floored. When he also happens to be a New York Times Best Selling Author, you’re even more floored.

Thanks Chris….you’re the most humble uber successful person I know.

New book by my buddy @RyanBiddulph


Adrienne Smith’s Blog


Adrienne Smith wrote a rocking testimonial for my eBook. She proof read my eBook. Then she went and wrote a thoughtful, kind, inspired review of my eBook for her blog. I never asked her; she did it because she vibes with my style, and because she’s a heartfelt, warm, kind, genuine human being.

I sure hope I make it to Houston to see her on my world tour….I would love for that to happen.

Here’s Adrienne’s review of Blogging from Paradise the eBook

How To Blog From Paradise Like Ryan Biddulph


Sylviane Nuccio’s Blog


Sylviane Nuccio graciously asked me if I could write a guest post for her audience. I was happy to do so.

Since Sylviane’s a fellow freelance writer I felt covering a topic which would directly benefit her audience was the way to go…..so….I wrote.

3 Freelancing Limiting Beliefs Guaranteed To Destroy Your Career And How To Conquer These Mental Blocks


Daily Blog Tips


Daniel Scocco runs a seriously authority, blogging tips themed blog at Daily Blog Tips. By the way, check out his super helpful recent post – including a powerful free giveaway – for folks who are stumped on blog title ideas.

Check out this Report with 212 Blog Post Ideas

After reading about his invitation to submit guest posts – he opened things up again – I took him up on his offer.

2 days later he wrote me back that he liked my guestie.

I felt that explaining my strategy for getting a load of endorsements in a few scant weeks through blog commenting would vibe with his audience.

So here you go….

5 Tips for Writing Comments that Build Your Blogging Brand


Carol Amato’s Blog


What can I say? Carol, like Adrienne, and Sylviane, and Chris, and Daniel, and everybody on this list, is just an awesomely kind person. She asked if I’d submit a guest post; I was all in immediately.

My post on her blog went live a few short days ago.

Here’s the kicker; she had these super neat, pretty darn accurate caricatures of me designed for the guest post. Unbelievably cool.
Then she went ahead and had a way neat, creative resource box made up for me.

I felt humbled, honored and beyond grateful for the royal treatment I received at Carol’s blog.

I decided to write a guest post about how my blogging world travels taught me a few helpful lessons as an entrepreneur.

5 Helpful Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from My World Travels


Successful Blogging


Sue Anne Dunlevie runs a first class blogging-themed blog at Successful Blogging.

Naturally, I took her up on her interview offer, no hesitating of course.

Again, I was so humbled that she’d ask to interview me – there goes that “humble” word again – because she runs an authority blog.

OK, here’s the interview for you.

How to Start a Blog: A Success Story with Ryan Biddulph


Blogging Tips 101


Catherine Holt runs a smart, visually appealing blog named Blogging Tips 101.

You get – you guessed it – a ton of helpful, valuable blogging tips on her blog.

I had to take her up on her interview offer pronto.

She’s a networking machine and darn persistent gal too.

I was uber humbled that she’d interview me.

Click through to check out her post.

Blogging Tips from Ryan Biddulph at Blogging from Paradise

On to the features…..

I was also featured along with a bunch of super successful bloggers in some uber helpful posts.

I wanted to include these features because I want to put the spotlight on these kind, talented bloggers, all of whom are good friends of mine.


Andrew Spence’s Blog


Andrew kindly mentioned me on his uber successful blog a while back.

You need to check his Facebook Page Here.

He is a master at engagement; I’ve never anybody receive that many Likes and Shares and Comments through organic marketing methods on Facebook.

Here’s Andrew’s kind post mentioning me.


Traffic Generation: Quality Traffic Without Google?

Adam Connell’s Blog


Adam Connell may just be the master of thorough, in-depth, pillar type posts. The really smart thing I’ve learned from Adam is this; if you mention a ton of successful bloggers in your post, you will:

  • Generate a ton of shares
  • Create a beyond valuable resource for your friends and readers
  • Make a ton of friends in high places along the way

He’s brilliant, clever and always over delivers.

OK, you can click through to Adam’s post here….

16 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog: Starting Today


Kevin Duncan


I cyber met Kevin Duncan a few months ago.

I feel like I’ve known him for years.

He’s a funny, intelligent, entertaining blogger who makes his points in such a humorous, light, delightful way.

Kevin mentioned me in an epic, epic post. Check it out. It’s a WINNER.

 How to write a blog post: The definitive 8,317-word guide your mom will understand

Don Purdum


Don Purdum, like Kevin, is someone who I’ve made quick friends with over the past few months.

He’s a highly successful mentor who also happens to run a huge, loyal, flat out rabid community of readers and fans on his blog. He’s also one of the kinder guys I know online.

Please check out the post and leave Don a comment.

Are You Someone’s Google: A Strategy to Grow Your Online Influence and Business


Erik Emmanueli’s Blog


Erik is a like-minded travel junkie and blogger who’s quite the thrill seeker too.

While I’m petting 400 pound tigers inside of their cage he’s jumping out of airplanes and doing other crazy, inspired stuff.

Erik is also one of the kinder, more generous guys I know.

He runs a few successful blogs which help you live the internet lifestyle.

He mentioned me in a post a little while back.

Click through to read:

8 Amazing Bloggers You Should Follow




Amal Rafeeq – yep, the guy who initially designed my old blog and came up with a gem similar to this blog’s design – interviewed me for Darnell Jackson’s blog.

It was a hoot.

Darnell is a way cool guy who has a one-of-a-kind blogging style which I admire.

Amal is a bright young blogger with an equally bright future.

Check out the interview below.

What I Learned from Ryan Biddulph about Blogging from Paradise


Bonus Site: Amazon.Com


After some serious grunt/leg work I’m live on Amazon.com…how exciting, right?

5 years ago I was counting numbers off of shipping containers in Newark, NJ.

Now I have my own author page on Amazon. Crazy, where life can take us to, if we’re willing to go along for the ride.

After I really busted my tail to get my eBook kindle ready I had to add this page to my list.


Ryan Biddulph Author Page on Amazon


2nd Bonus Appearance: The AA Social Media Abstinence Show


Wow! I just found this Google Hangout; didn’t know it was live.

Ola Agbaimoni asked me to do a Hangout. My first one, I may add. I’m SO grateful to her for the offer.

What a blast! Since we’re in the jungles of Fiji and working off of a stick, the volume goes in and out here and there….but my enthusiasm and tidbits make up for it. At least that’s what I think.


Why Should You Make Blogging Outreach Your Number 1 Task?


Look up. Isn’t my post proof enough?

How in the heck could I attract readers, generate eBook sales, and most importantly, touch as many lives as humanly possible without the backing of these pros?

If Catherine, Don and Kevin don’t feature me, I’m a stranger. I’m a diary writer.

Robert Kiyosaki once noted how rich people build networks and everybody else looks for work. I took his quote to heart after I scrapped my old blog and went live with Blogging from Paradise.

Beach time in Fiji.

Beach time in Fiji.

Folks, all of these tweets/guest posts/interviews/features occurred within a 2 month time frame. Most happened in the last 6 weeks.

How could you not think blogging outreach was important?

Your blogging buddies will:

  • Promote the living stuffing out of you
  • Increase your eBook sales
  • Boost your brand
  • Leverage your online presence
  • Make positive suggestions for your growth
  • Support you
  • Inspire you
  • Help you reach new heights

Outreach, my kiddies. Reaching out, posting in-depth comments on authority blogs, promoting pros aggressively and doing so on a daily basis just flat out works.

Call it paying it forward, or sowing and reaping, or just flat out how most of the uber successful people on earth built their empires.

Richard Branson surrounded himself with super smart, positive, focused people to build the Virgin Empire

Bill Gates did the same to build the Microsoft Empire.

You’ll go as far as your network takes you, because your network reaches into new markets, and new networks, that you couldn’t reach into without their help.

Blogger outreach works.

The evidence is up top….and below too….


On Deck


OK, now for what’s on deck.

In early December I’m scheduled to speak at NYU. OK, I’ll be doing a Google Hangout for a marketing class at NYU.

My good friend and NYU adjunct professor Matthew Capella – pick up his new eBook, SEO Like I’m 5, immediately, because it’s the gem of gems – has asked me to speak to his class, cyber style.

Ummm…..how could I say “No” to speaking to an NYU class?

Matt also interviewed me and is lining it up for his blog, Search Decoder. Publish date soon.

I also have 2 other interviews which I did, but which haven’t materialized yet….Methinks that they’ll come to fruition soon. Of course, I’ll add to my As Seen on Page.

I’ll be featured on The Guy Who Flies’ super popular travel blog, Flights and Frustrations, soon too.


Your Turn

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Please share this post with your networks if you found it to be useful, and to help all of my blogging buddies out.

Did you read/see any of these features?

Please share where you’ve been featured in the comments section, OK?

Oh yes….

…..post a review on Amazon. Let’s spread the Blogging from Paradise word.

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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