I snapped this image of an offering from the driveway in Jimbaran, Bali.

I snapped this image of an offering from the driveway in Jimbaran, Bali.



Before we dive into this post I wanted to make a special announcement.

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Now on to our regularly scheduled programming….

I drooled. I couldn’t help myself.

Imagine a sunset so stunning that you’d need a Dixie cup to keep your slack-jawed drooling in check. Yep; it was that stunning. I was taking in the panoramic view we have here in Jimbaran, Bali, one night a few weeks ago. I saw a mix of colors that had to be recorded, to be believed.

Someone mentioned some thingamajig solar/atmospheric bojangle stuff going on. I had no idea. All I did recall was not seeing a sunset quite like that, anywhere in the world where I have traveled….and since I travel more often than a racehorse uses the restroom, well, that’s a lot of freaking sunsets.

We’ve seen some absolutely mind-blowing, ridiculous sunsets around the world in places like:

  • Savusavu, Fiji
  • Koh Lanta, Thailand
  • Playa Potrero, Costa Rica
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Pondicherry, India

.This one about took the taco. Bali is beautiful. Bali – at least most parts – is pristine. Sure I need to hop into cobra and chicken fights, or I need to rid the house of scorpions sometimes, here in Jimbaran. No worries. More jobs to add to my resume. This place, well, there’s something about it. From the small scale, to the culture bleeding through the villages, to the smiles, to the polite, sweet folks, Bali really is something else.

Selling the Dream


I have been hellbent on sharing practical, proven blogging tips on Blogging from Paradise for the past few months. All good! I have also released a helluva bunch of eBooks to whet your appetite. Good, good, good. But I have been a bit lighter on the dream selling side of things recently. I am always selling a dream; one visit to my blog proves I am no features dunce, stressing bland, wack-azz features that move potential customers into about as much action as a stoned tortoise. Note; that’s pretty slow.

Today’s post is about selling the dream again. I mean, blatantly selling the dream, with beautiful, inspired Bali pictures, all snapped by Yours Truly or by my wife, Kelli.

Your Blogging Struggles


Guys, if YOU are struggling to make money blogging, or if you just can’t seem to get readers, or if people treat your list offering like the plague, meaning a chorus of crickets is serenading you, each time you send out a list email, well, you better believe that things are going south because you aren’t selling the dream, enough. You may be sharing all the practical tips on earth but until you really move folks, they simply will not care.

Case in point: I blogged my balls off for years. Shared a ton of practical tips too, most helpful, most dead on and most, well, business-growing. I did not sell a dream though. I actually hid my dream. How dumb of me, right? I lived a dream lifestyle, jetting from Bali to Thailand, from Laos to Cambodia, from Fiji to Aussie-land, yet, I didn’t sell my success, my tangible results, my DREAM, and of course I was punished for it.

The Blogging Lesson


Learned my lesson though, even with my old, less than clear, blog. I began to sell a dream, working my travel images into my blog and brand. Things perked up, kinda like a group of dudes watching a Kate Upton commercial, I snagged a few attention spans. Take prior sentence how you want to; either “perking up” or “attention spans” both link in to the Kate Upton commercial.

Anywho, I made dough with greater ease, no longer needing to slave over my blog because folks bought into the dream I decided to sell. Sell a dream, not features. Stress your dream, and put the cherry of wonderful benefits right there on top of your blog, and folks will have no choice but to subscribe to your blog, and to buy your eBooks, and to do all that good stuff.

Product Placement


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I also know what it feels like to succeed and of course, I know what it takes. So I wrote this eBook, to share with you the practical, proven tips – along with a funny travel story here and there – to get you fully committed, 1000%, to your goals.

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Now, onto the photos. #1 is far and away, the best snap we have from Bali…..probably because Kelli took the image.

Praying Mantis on Finger


I pray that Ryan publishes another Blogging from Paradise eBook on Amazon soon.



Kelli (subscribe to her blog to Live Your Life Made to Order) snapped this little guy on a bright, sunny morning. This may be the NUMBER 1 photo on Blogging from Paradise, ever! She did a brilliant job capturing this little guy, love it. We see praying manti everywhere here in Jimbaran, and we’ve also seen:

  • spitting cobras
  • kraits (one of the most poisonous snakes on earth)
  • other snakes
  • monitor lizards in the pool
  • scorpions in the kitchen
  • large spiders
  • frogs
  • skinks
  • less exotic, large Australians
  • massage touts
  • red, biting ants
  • chupacabras (see if you’re paying attention)

So….praying mantis baby takes the #1 spot on this list.

Tall Guy in Bali



I call him a tall guy. He’s not all that tall, but the figure he’s connected to, is. Wave Hi to him. Hi Tall Guy! I recall the Brady Bunch episode when they visited Hawaii. Remember when Bobby held onto that ancient relic? When he should have let it go? Then remember Greg getting hurt surfing, and the tarantula incident, and all things going to shit, in record time? That’s a little bit what this place is like. NOT because things are going to shit; we love it here! But because these tiki/relic/wacky stone figures dot the property, and we’ve had loads of wacky/dramatic stuff happening, including:

  • one dog passing on
  • one cat disappearing after leaving the compound
  • Roxy the Rotty turning into a chicken killer once again
  • Bonny the Special Needs Chicken, passing on
  • Kelli getting into a motorbike accident
  • watching a spitting cobra kill mom hen and baby chick on the grounds
  • a bunch of other dramatic stuff

Hey, this happens everywhere. We have no dominion on creatures saying, “It was nice, but I gotta roll!”, and all that other stuff but we knew before we arrived that this place had been visited by spirits and that the grounds were a former pass through between different areas in Jimbaran, and I feel, through the spiritual world. Wacky, crazy energy here. You can feel it.

Bye Bye, Tall Guy.

Harvey and Arty



Get a look at Harvey and Arty. Harvey is the doggy who passed on a few weeks ago. He was a charmer. Alpha dog of the neighborhood, he had balls the size of boulders. He pranced or sprinted into any scrum and instantly ruled the show. Never saw a dog so dominant and confident; dogs didn’t Eff with him, and for good reason. He had about the biggest teeth for a dog his size, or any size for that matter. Imagine if T Rex was slightly shrunken, talking mouth area, and you have an idea of the impressive cutlery that Harvey housed. He was a classic. We miss him so.

Arty is still on this plane. He’s a Kintamani dog, one of the only recognized breeds of Bali dog. Arty is handsome, another fearless chap who’s as dominant as they come and he’s also a sweetheart. A bit temperamental but he has a heart of gold. He is also the ultimate warrior as the dude was born with an hole in his front right foot. He has to limp just to move and has done so his entire life; the dude is a boss because his pain threshold is just about at god-like levels. Love him, and I am glad to be his pack leader while the property owners are away for a bit.




Hi Batman. This is Batman von Bali. That’s a joke. His name is Batman. Seriously. Lovely little guy; he’s often found…..sleeping. Batman is the Sleep Warrior, the resident sleeping champion out of a crew of animals that REALLY love to sleep. He’s very affectionate. Just today he rubbed against my legs 14 times. He’s often spotted, sleeping on the roof, or mingling with the compound residents. He’s also spotted killing locusts. Batman!

Pantai Pandawa



Or, in English, Pandawa Beach. Pandawa has gotten more air time on this blog than ISIS gets on cnn.com. It’s pretty much the most gorgeous beach around. Maybe on earth. Picture dramatic views from hundreds of meters high, on a granite cliff. Now picture slowly descending down the cliff road, on a motorbike of course, soaking up some of the more stunningly turquoise blue water you’ll ever see on this 3rd rock from the sun.

When you finally arrive to the beach you are treated to crystal clear water, up close and personal. You can see everything; poisonous sea snakes – and yes, I did see one last week – the white sand, and whatever the heck else resides below the surface. The water is warm as can be, peaceful and serene, because the waves break about an 8th of a mile out or so, creating a nice little tidal area at low tide and a super chill water scene at high tide.

Jimbaran Beach



I had to share this snap of Jimbaran because it looks like something similar to Skull Island. I am *still* trying to nail down the Skull Island visa, but it’s a real pain in the a**. Something about dangerous visits during low season, with dinosaurs being more active, combined with the bureaucratic bull crap you’d expect from such an exotic place.

Anyway, Jimbaran is pretty and all but this snap is about as good as it gets. Soak up the beach shot, the stunningly dramatic views of the mountain in the distance combined with the peak sticking out through a bank of fluffy clouds.




I saw this locust right outside the window. Had to PREserve the moment with a picture (for all of you Raising Arizona fans). Kelli and I were plagued by locusts a few months ago. It was well short of a biblical plague but far more of an infestation versus the few times we were besieged with cicadas in New Jersey. Think, not quite B Movie swarm quality but enough to disgust you when they fly into your face – happened to me, more than once – as a deluge of critters hits the air when you walk through a field with the dogs.

Even more interesting, the locals go all foodie on us and catch these suckers, grilling them or pan frying them for a delectable little treat. We see them roll up in the late afternoon and early evening with long sticks, connected to little mesh nets, for catching, collecting and frying these insects. I’ll pass; I get more than enough protein from my tempe, thank you.

Sunset from the Villa



I had to capture this image. THIS is what Blogging from Paradise is about. I live a dream. I dreamed my life, then, I lived my dream. I am all for the snazzy practical blogging tips, and for creating and connecting but at the end of the day this sunset, well, this is why I am blogging from paradise.

I saw the special sunset shot lining itself up as the day came to an end. A few wispy clouds enveloped the sky yet enough sunlight peaked through to create something epic. As the sun set I observed a playful palette of colors, all brilliantly toying with my senses.

I snapped this image from the kitchen in Jimbaran.

Jackie the Balinese Wonder Puppy



Jackie has gained quite a bit of fame over the months we’ve spent in Bali. He is cute, he is stout these days and the guy is just irresistible. He’s a fab study in successful blogging or successful living for that matter.

Jack Attack has a fun custom; after each walk we take the guy dives into the water dish….and he drinks from the bowl as he takes a bath. Way too cute to take. He also experiences a massive burst of energy after these chill sessions, even if he just ran for 40 minutes in the 105 F heat indexes here in the south of Bali. The guy is endless energy.

Doesn’t it look like Jackie is smiling in this one?

Bali Buddies



I am exotic. There, I said it.

White skin is the forbidden fruit in these parts. Or more accurately put, we are the exotic, the mysterious, the fascinating specimens at Pandawa Beach in Bali. Imagine that; the New Jersey accent is considered exotic when you’re hanging out with Muslims from Java. Most folks chilling at Pandawa are Indonesian. Out of that crowd, many seem to be Muslims from islands in the surrounding area, mainly Java. Perhaps day trips, or maybe a good old weekend vacation was in order.

Busloads of Indonesians show up, each being armed with their trusty Selfie Stick. As I’ve noted before, many of these folks make me look like a cloistered monk. I thought I did the selfie bit like mad. These guys are just all over the place, snapping selfies and group selfies, going bananas. Some folks don’t even sniff the water; they roll up deep, hop off of the bus, laugh, and snap selfies in machine gun succession then on to the bus and back to Java, or perhaps, to different areas of Bali.

Anyway, Kelli and I have been asked more than a few times if we’d take a picture with some Indonesians. I find it so neat. Never has the look and American accent opened doors for me, but this time it has.

Note; one day, when Kelli was chilling at home, a younger group of pretty stylish Indonesian gals asked me if I would take a few shots with them. I obliged. Then, in a split second, one of the more aggressive girls screamed at me: “Kiss Me, Kiss Me!!!!” as the shots were snapped. I pointed to my ring. I wish I knew the word “wifey” in Bahasa Indonesian. But anyway, it was a memorable day, as I felt a bit like King Kong, with flashbulbs going off all around me.

On this day Kelli and I were photographed a few times. This one shows me with some new friends on Pantai Pandawa. Said friends flashing the peace sign. Love it.

Kecak Dancing



Kecak dancing is a native Balinese dance. The woman/girls are like contortionists and the guy performers hop around on their toes, acting a fool, all while being surrounded by a whole crew of Balinese men in sarongs, topless, doing the Kecak chant. Cool experience for sure.

This image shows 2 of the lady performers going through their elaborate dance routine, which they begin to learn as a small child. The way they move their fingers is quite double-jointed, methinks. Really neat, and maybe a tad bit freaky. A bit uncomfortable to watch, now that I think about it.

Princess Sari



Princess Sari is a gorgeous Bali cat who’s just the sweetest little thing. She’s also completely deaf, so we need to keep an eye out for her around motorbikes and predators. We always make sure she’s inside nice and early before nightfall. She’s a hunter though, a tremendously athletic little gal so no need to worry for her. Just killed another frog last night! She’s tremendously mischievous, always running around like mad during late hours, diving under the covers, batting at our feet and waking us up at all hours. We love it though.

Princess Sari has brilliant blue eyes, which Kelli captured with this shot.

Squeaky the Squeak Man


Kim Jong Cat?


Squeaky rocks. He is full of personality. This picture reminds me of the cult of personality, Squeak Man striking an iconic pose. I love him for his flavor, his cuteness and his willingness to turn into a sack of potatoes any time I pick him up to bring him in for the night. He’s a fun cat, always prepared to receive some TLC at a moment’s notice.

Foxy Roxy



Foxy Roxy is a HUGE Balinese Rottweiler. She’s much taller than American Rottys and although not quite as stocky, she’s an absolute horse. She’s kind – although she’s killed chickens a few times on the grounds – affectionate and am absolute mush. She’s about as subtle as heart failure; when she’s around you KNOW IT. Roxy is super loving, playful and yep, she’s still a puppy, only being a little over a year old.

Her play fights with Jackie are epic.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Now, on to some exciting developments at Blogging from Paradise.

Exciting Developments at Blogging from Paradise


New Book with Matthew Capala Coming out Soon

Matthew Capala and I are releasing a book on Amazon soon!

I am beyond excited, grateful and quite honored to be working with this superstar SEO guy, this NYU professor, this Kindle eBook sale generating dynamo. Matt’s been a mentor, a business partner and a good friend for years. He’s taught me so much about building your network, hustling from a high energy space and just rocking it out online.

Matt and I are tackling the topic of being a solopreneur. We both have worked our way up solo style; of course we have friends and have tapped into the power of community to grow our respective ventures we did this bit differently than an entrepreneur who has the resources of a workforce at their disposal. Not so with solopreneurs, so we chose to cover this topic with our new book.

Title coming soon of course….I just wanted to give you something to chew on.

1 Blogging from Paradise eBook Weekly


I am officially certifiable. Bring out the straight jackets. Oops, I did it again. I have decided to publish 1 eBook weekly, to free me and to free you. So far, so good, as I have published 1 – or more I think – eBook per week over the past month. Each eBook is a fun, entertaining read that will help you create a charming, inspired, freeing lifestyle.

Follow me on Amazon here for alerts whenever I publish a new eBook.

I set this ambitious goal for a free reasons, beyond freeing me and freeing you. I know writing this much will help me break through any perceived limits, which is a very, very good thing, but I also had the insane/crazy vision of publishing 1,000 eBooks on Amazon. I don’t know. I think I can do it. Without going mad. Or maybe, as I go as mad as that spitting cobra the other night got, when we cornered that feisty little critter in the chicken coop. Oh yeah, if you haven’t read that story, ya gotta read it here, and now:

Blogging from Bali: A Spitting Cobra Killed a Mama Hen and Baby Chick Here Last Night

Awesome Travel Bloggers to Follow


In other news, I wanted to introduce you to some kick butt travel bloggers I have come across recently. Get to know them!

They Get Around

Lexi and Steve rock! I just found ’em a week or 2 ago. Expect funny stories, great images and a playful visit to a cleverly named blog. Subscribe to ’em folks, they’re good people!

Dale and Elizabeth at Travel Abroad

Another awesome, supportive traveling blogging couple here. Dale and Elizabeth are an American couple living and working in Brazil. They’ve been SO quick to buy and read my eBooks and they’ve given me inspired feedback too. They post neat stories, fresh content and brilliant images. Subscribe to their blog immediately.

Mapping Megan

Megan is one of my favorite travel bloggers because of her inspired energy. Digging her travel photos, and I must say, she puts out as much good, relevant, helpful travel content as I have seen online. All quality stuff. Please subscribe to her blog, pronto!

We Said Go Travel

Lisa runs a wonderfully fun-loving, “real” travel blog chock full of intriguing travel stories. Follow her today. Super helpful blog with an authentic feel, and hey, you can’t beat that domain name, can ya? Oh yeah I forgot to note; she’s working with Orbitz to spread the word for traveling to Bermuda. Congrats Lisa!

Other Awesome Bloggers to Follow


And in other news, some kick butt blogs that I follow religiously, that YOU need to follow, are as follows, ya follow?

Don Purdum

Don’s blog has an exciting new look, check it out!

Yep, you know by now that Don is a dear friend and the brilliant mind behind Unveil the Web. He’s SO good at helping you get where you want to be with your business through the simple act of asking questions. He’s a must follow guys. Get to know him. Immediately.

Firepole Marketing

Danny Iny’s blog is well-written, well-researched and more than anything, it draws me in more each week with his stable of wonderful story tellers. Reading this blog is like getting a breath of fresh, mountain, pristine air, in Fiji, after sticking your head in a filthy, festering, stinking canal in Bangkok. If you have never been to Fiji or Bangkok, ummm, let’s say that this blog shines bright.

Blog Tyrant

Ramsay Taplin continues to grow on me. He’s another fab writer, who does his homework, and more than that he has the results to back up his blog and brand. Ramsay makes some serious coin through his blog. Super in-depth posts, and he responds to comments too, so he’s not asleep at the blogging wheel.

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne is one of the elite networking bloggers on earth. She just noted me again this week on her blog, which was super sweet.

Posts are super easy to read over there, and even easier to put into practice, so I’ve been a fan of hers for many, many years. Subscribe to her blog immediately.

Your Turn


Which picture did you like the most?

Do you have any exciting travel pictures to share? Please do so in the comments section.

Call to Action


Each blogger above helped make my dreams come true, and helped me engineer a freeing lifestyle, so that I could snap stunning images from places like Bali. Click on the above links, subscribe to their blogs and make new friends.

Until next time…..enjoy paradise!

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