You want volcanic black sand beaches and brilliant blue skies? You got 'em. This beach is a 10 second walk from the front yard in Fiji. Really.

You want volcanic black sand beaches and brilliant blue skies? You got ’em. This beach is a 10 second walk from the front yard in Fiji. Rea

Let me bring you back to last month. I saw scant traffic on my old blog without promoting new posts aggressively to my social networks.

My traffic was dependent entirely on my manual efforts.

I knew that had to change if I wanted to have a life.

What’s the sense of living in Fiji if you’re tied down to the computer?

How can I enjoy Savusavu, right?

OK, so you know the story by now. I ditched my old blog. I started this blog.

Just about the first thing I did was join Triberr.


What is Triberr?


I think of it as the largest, most responsive, supportive, and heck, the best traffic generating tribe on the internet. Triberr is the brainchild of Dino Dogan. The man had a vision. He brought the vision into form through his persistence and ingenuity.


My Triberr Story


After running a few blogs which vibed with Triberr – and 1 that didn’t – I became familiar with the network but hadn’t cracked the traffic generating code on the site. Why? I hadn’t mastered the concept of blogging outreach.

Triberr is like any other social network. If you want to get anything out of it simply give freely. Blogger outreach is about giving freely to promote authority bloggers from your niche. Blogger outreach is about commenting freely on Triberr updates and on the blog posts themselves.

Blogger outreach is about making friends with top bloggers. I made outreach my #1 goal on joining Triberr with my new blog.

I haven’t been disappointed.

1 of my posts generated over 3,800 Flares and 91 comments. Now, I’m not a volume guy per se. But when you combine the social shares WITH the comments you have evidence not only of serious social proof, but also, of forming bonds with other bloggers who are aggressively promoting your content to their networks.

I’m all about leveraging. Blogging from paradise points you in a leveraging, “getting the most out of your time”, direction. If I’m jetting from Phuket, Thailand to Savusavu, Fiji I may be in the air for 4 days. I was, 7 weeks ago to the day.

How did I stay in the stream? I populated my social streams with Triberr updates, with a heavy focus on twitter.

If I’m in the air or traveling on land I also make the most of my time online. This means connecting with authorities from my niche through Triberr.

Before we discuss the tips I want you to check out this awesome Triberr primer from Jim Dougherty at LeadersWest. It’s a super helpful tutorial for Triberr beginners and veterans alike.

How to Get Started on Triberr (from setup to sharing)

Ready for the tips? Let’s dive in.


Publish 1 to 3 Helpful Posts Weekly


I’m finding pillar style, in-depth posts to be very sharable on Triberr. Tribe mates dig serious, sink your cyber teeth into, valuable posts.

Publishing 1 to 3 posts weekly keeps you in the RSS/ Triberr stream. Anything less and you’re bound to be forgotten. (unless you’re publishing viral content on a bi-weekly basis)

Create snappy titles. Publish thorough content. Be relevant.

Populating the Triberr stream with good, problem-solving, inspiring content helps you get the most out of Triberr.


Join Targeted Tribes


Join targeted tribes to see the greatest returns for your efforts. Think of me; I write about smart blogging tips. So I joined tribes relevant to blogging tips themed blogs.

I drill down though. You know, I am blogging from paradise. I’m helping you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. So I also have followed a few travel tribes but I’m not sharing my posts, as a few are travel-themed, and most are related to blogging tips.

(Does Triberr work? I think so….)

Recent post, complements of my outreach campaign and a bunch of supportive Triberr mate.

Recent post, complements of my outreach campaign and a bunch of supportive Triberr mates.


Target. Don’t join as many tribes as possible. Join as many targeted tribes as possible where you can be an active member. Remember, leveraging. Leverage your time by joining only targeted tribes.


Comment on Triberr Posts


Here’s one way to improve your visibility on Triberr; talk. Comment on Triberr posts. Share a few thoughts. Doing so increases your visibility as well as your trust factor.

Live bodies get the most out of Triberr. It takes a split second to roll over a Share button but a greater investment to share your thoughts regarding any Triberr post.

Clarification: by saying “Triberr Posts” I mean posts populating the Triberr stream from blogger’s RSS feeds.

Anyway, I gained some serious traction with Blogging from Paradise by commenting on Triberr posts. I was invited to tribes and I also built bonds with authority bloggers by sharing my thoughts.

Be visible. Comment.

Adam Connell is one blogger who does a wonderful job commenting on Triberr posts. He’s quick to respond and comments on virtually all responses, without fail.

Visit his Triberr account here.


Click through to Read the Blog Post


Duh, right? OK, if you believe in a blogger and know their work rocks you can scan and share. That’s your call. I prefer to read each post before I share it on Twitter.

Why? Well to follow the next critical tip, you need to follow this tip. Reading the actual blog post gives you context for your Triberr comments.

Clicking the post link and reading is also the right thing to do.

Be real. Be authentic. Click the link and read the post before you comment on and share this post through Triberr.


Comment on the Blog


Hit authority bloggers with the Triberr 1-2 punch. Comment on their blog and on the Triberr post too. The 1-2 punch makes an impact and commenting on blogs doesn’t hurt you, either.

I mean, this lil old guy Blogging from Paradise (capitalized for branding purposes) was featured on, landed some sweet freelance writing gigs, will be speaking a class at NYU and was endorsed by a NY Times bestselling author in large part because he posted helpful, thorough comments on authority blogs.

One reason why all those neat things happened – or will happen – is because I shared my thoughts in the comments field.

Comment, folks. Use first names, be nice, be thorough, and you’ll see the true power of Triberr.


Share Posts Freely


This means, paying it forward. Promote others to promote yourself. Follow the Golden Rule. Sow seeds, reap later. Give what you have and you’ll never want.

OK enough with the sayings.

The thing is: what you give out returns multiplied. If you want Triberr mates to share your posts, share their posts. This one works quite well if you carefully share relevant content.

Don’t share content just to share it. Share content to serve your audience up unique, targeted content.

Example; I pop in 2 or 3 times daily to share 5 to 10 posts. I read, and comment on relevant updates, then roll over the Share button. Sharing makes a difference. Sharing makes the difference.

Many tribe mates get it, and a few don’t. The few folks who rarely share either get booted out of tribes or at best, people ignore their work, and never share it. Triberr works well for the sharing, kind, giving person.

Share on your network of choice. I prefer to share on twitter since Facebook isn’t too keen on automating. Knowing this I simply tweet out updates every hour or so via Triberr.

The uh....ahem....home office. Savusavu, Fiji style.

The uh….ahem….home office. Savusavu, Fiji style.


The cool part is you can change your settings to schedule shares. Space out your shares by 15 minutes to every few days. I prefer hourly shares. So if I read 5 posts in 10 to 15 minutes I’ll share each one. Each post gets shared 1 hour apart from the other posts, in the order which I shared it through Triberr.

Giving freely really does precede receiving easily.


Share Posts Persistently


Sharing posts via Triberr daily – for a week – is not enough. Share posts daily for a month, or 3 months, or for a year, to make a serious impact. Just like infrequent blog posting or sporadic commenting you can’t make an impact unless you show up and share day after day.

People admire persistent Triberr folk. Folks who share daily for months pop up on the radar. You can always pop in, share 50 posts or so and space out these shares over hours, or even days, if you wish.

I suggest sharing Triberr posts each hour. The decision is yours but whatever the frequency just make sure to show up and share for a period of months. If you’re really working the comments field and share posts aggressively you’ll start to create a Triberr buzz around your blog and brand within a week or so.

Then when you show up for a month, day after day, you’ll be a known commodity on the network.

Share posts persistently.


Start a Tribe


Do you want to be seen as an expert on Triberr?

Start a tribe.

I started the Blogging from Paradise tribe last month. How fitting, right? My tribe members are mainly bloggers who share blogging tips but I branch out sometimes to draw in authority bloggers from other niches.

Triberr mates respect someone who runs a tight Triberr tribe. Like, someone who inspires members to participate, to share content and to engage through the comments field.

I am the Chief of my tribe. You can be the Chief too, of your own tribe. Just start a new tribe, build it around a central theme and invite as many relevant blogging pros as possible into the tribe.

Encourage engagement by being a chatty dude or dudette.

Be a Tribal Chief who has some juice.


Spread the Word on Social Networks


This one is easy.

Promote your Triberr profile on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Any other social network
  • Your email signature

Just promote your handle page freely because Triberr users are active on all types of social networks.

On to the next tip because this tip is so simple.


Join as Many Relevant Tribes as Possible


Emphasis on “relevant.” As I’ve mentioned before – and as you know – Blogging from Paradise is no travel blog. BFP shares blogging tips to help you retire to a life of island hopping.

I run a blogging blog like Darren Rowse or Zac Johnson. So I don’t join travel blog tribes. If I had, I did so by accident, and I alerted those tribe’s chiefs to remove my blog if they too believed BFP was off topic for their audience.

Join relevant tribes. But don’t limit yourself. Just join as many tribes as you can, actively participating in each group. If you find yourself barely able to share content or post comments on tribes because you’ve joined too many scale things down a bit.

It’s better to be an active member of fewer tribes than to be a ghost in a hundred tribes because people who get the most out of Triberr, blog traffic wise, are active participants in the groups that they join.


Fill out Your Profile Information


Triberr members want to know who you are and how you can benefit them before they invite you into tribes. Sure you muster up some invites from close buddies you’ve connected with before joining Triberr but many Triberr users will be strangers to you, and you to them.

Enter your profile. List your skills. Add a bit of humor to lighten the mood. Of course, link up to your blog and all relevant social networking accounts to be transparent.

Why would people invite a stranger into their tribes?

I added a little clever branding to my profile.

If you click through to see my Triberr profile page (yeah, click it) you’ll see an image of a Fiji water bottle on the beaches of Fiji. Yep, yours truly set that one up.

I’m living in Savusavu, Fiji so I figured, why the heck not? Seize the branding opportunity and stand out from the Triberr crowd. Fill out your profile and get creative with your banner.


Respond to Comments on Your Posts


Commenting on other Triberr mate’s posts is not enough. Responding to comments on your posts builds trust and solidifies bonds….yep, responding to comments, just like on your blog.

I check in 2 or 3 times daily to scan my updates.

The little icon to the top right side of the page will light up if tribal activity has occurred. If you’re a chatty person who shares good content these updates will be comments related to your Triberr updates, more often than not.

Pop in, respond quickly and build those bonds.

I usually reply with 1 or 2 sentences. Going more in depth is OK but I’m so busy crafting lengthy comments on authority blogs and responding on my own blog that I have little time to get uber thorough on Triberr.


Write Posts like These


Triberr themed posts – listing double figure tips – are pure gold on Triberr.

Just see how many Flares this bad boy attracts.

The combination of big numbers, sharing on Triberr and simply providing a tutorial to help you get the most out of the platform almost always goes viral, or semi-viral, because Triberr users are a tight knit group. We stick together and promote the living stuffing out of one another.


Your Turn

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Do you use Triberr?

Or are you new to the network?

What tips can you add to this list?

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