Me on the way to Fiji, 40,000 feet over the Outback in Australia....offline, but creating content, and yep, I'm inspired by the successful bloggers on this list to rock it out from paradise.

Me on the way to Fiji, 40,000 feet over the Outback in Australia….offline, but creating content, and yep, I’m inspired by the successful bloggers on this list to rock it out from paradise.

Boy, do I lean on my friends.

My theme is a little off as of this writing. OK, not too off, but I want to get rid of the powder blue buttons and links…hope they’re not still around as of this writing. If they are, oh well. A lesson in blogging detachment, from Savusavu, Fiji.

Without my friend Phillip Dews, my design would be in utter shambles.  I’d have so many more pressing, glaring design problems, and I wouldn’t have built my brand in such a creative fashion without his brilliance backing me up.

The design mind behind this blog, the wizard behind the curtain, has engineered a complete transformation for both my old blog, and my new one, here at Blogging From Paradise.

I’ve met so many successful, engaging, kind bloggers over the years that I feel eternally blessed.

Of course, to attract so many friends I had to be a friend. I helped people by promoting them, or by commenting on their blogs, or by shouting them out whenever I could.

That’s the great secret to professional blogging.

That’s the key.


The Benefits of Following Successful Bloggers


You can only do so much by yourself but if you have a huge army of supportive friends around you, and successful friends at that, you can impact so many more people as these successes help you out.

I count many folks on this list as friends. Honest to goodness, learning from successful bloggers:

  • Cuts down your learning curve by years; you avoid their mistakes
  • Inspires you to push yourself through difficult times
  • Gives you the secrets you need to retire, to become a pro blogger
  • Might just make you want to start island hopping today, or next weekend, or next month
  • Can inspire you to make the necessary changes to live the internet lifestyle

Successes have helped me to see where I can become more successful, how I can succeed, and most of all, where I’m screwing up.

Just yesterday I ran into multiple issues on my blog. I mistakenly updated my theme, erasing the fine work done by my man Phillip Dews. Oh well, lesson learned.

I’m also trying to discern whether folks are having problems commenting on Blogging From Paradise due to some internal coding issue. About 6 people have contacted me, letting me know they couldn’t leave a comment.

BTW, if you’re having problems commenting on this blog email me here: ryan_biddulph[at]hotmail[dot]com


Blogging Successes: The Snowball Effect


Have you ever created a mean snowball? I mean, a really big, impressive, heavy, “smack you upside the head” type snowball.

Ironic I know, me blogging from paradise here in Fiji, and chatting about snowballs.

Anyway, whether you’ve packed together a huge snowball to toss at a friend or have built a snowman you know how it’s done; pack a bit of snow together, then add some more, pack it together, then add, and pack.

In the case of building a snowman you simply roll the snow ball until it grows into a huge, impressive-looking ball of snow, to be used as a head, torso, or perhaps, the lower foundation for your snowman.

As you roll, the ball accumulates more and more snow, growing exponentially.

Think of your blogging success as being similar to that snowball. In your case, the snowball is your blog. You roll that bad boy by connecting with successful bloggers and visiting their blogs, and by learning, studying and implementing their successful strategies.

Slowly but surely, your blog grows bigger and bigger, both through the content you publish and the readers you attract. Your comments received will increase too, as will your blogging sales.

Like the snowball, there’s no critical mass within reason. Your potential blogging growth is limitless, really, when you decide to learn from successful bloggers who’ve been where you want to be.

OK folks, on to the successes. Make sure to subscribe to their blogs, take notes when they speak and put their wisdom into action.


Phillip Dews


Phillip Dews is the man. Really. He’s my designer especial, my web developer, my hosting guru, my backend wizard. Phil designed this blog and he designed my successful old blog too. He really, really rocks.

Just the other day he put out fires on my blog, and Kelli’s blog….simultaneously. The man is a skilled designer, talented developer and creative blogger who’s had as much to do with my success than anybody online.

I completely erased my customized theme the other day by downloading an update. Oops. No worries though, as Phil was quick to the rescue. While he was working on Blogging From Paradise PD was also Skyping and FB chatting with Kelli regarding some theme issues on Live Life Made to Order, her blog.

Problems solved. He’s been the man for years,  and he shows again and again that he’s loyal, trustworthy, generous, kind, and he’s funny as hell too. An all around great dude, and a must follow blogger.

Phil’s totally overhauled his blog just a few days ago. Do stop in to visit him, OK?

Visit Phil’s blog here: Brum Design


Neil Patel


Neil Patel is a brilliant blogger who’s perhaps *the* online master at both creating value and building strong bonds with industry authorities. In short, I’m modeling much of what I’m doing here at BFP by mimicking his actions.

OK, maybe I’m not mimicking him entirely because I’m sitting here in Fiji and work a different niche, but you get the drift.

Neil specializes in driving traffic to websites. He’s achieved gaudy numbers with some of the most well known sites on the web. NP has built a massive, thriving, ever-growing community on his blog,

Visit Neil’s blog here:


Adam Connell


Adam Connell from is a wizard at creating pillar-style, in-depth, mind-numbingly thorough posts. AC is kind, generous and uber supportive of the people he connects with on a daily basis.

I got to know Adam better through Triberr, especially after I became an active member recently when BFP was up and running.

I like Adam’s ability to create resource style posts by getting quotes from some of the web’s most well known blogging celebrities.

Adam is an all around great dude, and I believe he’s located not too far from Phillip Dews, so whatever is in the water that way in the UK, I’d like to drink some of it too, here in Fiji. Even though I am enjoying my Fiji Water.

Visit Adam’s blog here:


Adrienne Smith


Adrienne Smith is the queen of commenting, a relationship-building master who leaves the most thorough, genuine and heartfelt comments I’ve seen on the web.

She’s honest, truthful and authentic in all of her dealings. In truth, I find great inspiration in how she meticulously responds to – in great depth – the hundreds of comments she receives on her blog on a weekly basis.

I’m learning to be more like Adrienne, being more present, and writing more in-depth responses while I do the island hopping from paradise bit.

Adrienne creates thoughtful, helpful posts related to blogging.

She’s a must follow guys.

Visit Adrienne’s blog here:


Donna Merrill


Donna Merrill is a networking dynamo who’s as persistent as they come. Donna has built a monster tribe over at her blog, covering topics in a practical, easy to embrace fashion.

Donna is another blogger who seems to find the 25th hour to run successful businesses outside of blogging, and she still stops in frequently to share her thoughts through in-depth comments while providing you with an encouraging nudge to boot.

Get to know Mrs. Merrill. She’s definitely a good person to connect with, if you want to make buddies with and learn from an influencer.

Visit Donna’s blog here:


Darren Rowse


Darren Rowse. What else can I say? The brilliant creator of is pretty much the head honcho of the top “blogging tips” blog on the web.

Other than launching my new blog (intelligently, from a really high energy space), I feel being published 3 times on problogger is one of my stellar achievements.

Darren teaches you how to build a blog from scratch. He’s acquired hundreds of thousands of subscribers and has built a blogging community second to none in his niche.

DR is active on social networks too. He’s one of the few guys or gals who you’re likely to get a response from if you connect with him and chat for a bit on a regular basis. is the 1 blog you must subscribe to if you’re a new or veteran blogger who needs tips to build a blogging community, as well as boosting your blog traffic and sales.

Visit Darren’s blog here:


John Chow


John Chow is Mr. Million Dollar blogger. JC registers $20,000, $30,000 and $50,000 days’ worth of earnings from his blog.

The man rakes it in at a mind blowing pace, which is evidence of his ability to create serious value for his audience.

John bills himself as living the dot come lifestyle and I must say, he embodies this concept as well as any blogger I’ve come across. He’s particularly skilled in promoting big ticket programs effectively through his blog.

JC’s writing style is clear and simple. Smart approach here. Why? He applies to the masses. Some bloggers get a bit caught up in trying to impress, or wow, but John is more about getting to the point and teaching you that anybody can make money online through blogging.

Visit John’s blog here:


Zac Johnson


Zac is one of the pioneers of the blogging space. He’s been around for a while, successfully building a massive audience at while also running a thriving site at for a minute.

Zac shares super practical, simple to embrace tips and has also built quite the network of guest bloggers who publish posts regularly on his blogging tips website.

He’s also a master networker who has surrounded himself with many of the internet’s top bloggers and internet marketers.

I was floored when Zac asked to interview me on, and I’d link to the interview here except that the interview was a little off topic for the new direction of my blog. Simply google it, you’ll find it.

Visit Zac’s blog here:


Andrew Spence


Andrew Spence is a blogger extraordinaire and social media guru. He runs a wildly popular Facebook Page – Andrew Spence – Learn. Live. Grow. – and a well-read, entertaining, brilliantly designed blog.

Andrew is funny, engaging and detached in all he does online. I’ve certainly seen him as a role model when it comes to boosting my engagement, building my brand and heck, enjoying the ride along the way, because what’s the point if you ain’t enjoying the ride?

Anyway, Andrew is a skilled entrepreneur who knows how to build a sustainable business and blog, and I feel grateful to count him as one of my mentors.

Visit Andrew’s blog here: 


Harleena Singh


Harleena Singh is a kind, warm-hearted blogger who shares seriously in-depth blog posts and comments. She is a networking queen, a person whose authenticity flows through everything she does.

Harleena runs a monster community over at her blog, Aha Now. She’s built a tight-knit group of readers who avidly comment on and share her posts across social networks.

Harleena also runs a prospering freelance writing business in addition to her blog.

Visit Harleena’s blog here:


Sarah Arrow


Sarah is another blogging wizard from the UK who’s built a successful blog and strong community. She is uber helpful, being a person who’ll quickly respond to Facebook updates or comments which beg for a pro blogger’s wisdom.

Sarah teaches you how to network intelligently, being active on social networks as well as blogging communities such as Triberr.

I enjoy her fresh, unique perspective on all things blogging.

She’s a winner folks.

Visit Sarah’s blog here:

By the way, if you love stunning sunsets, and me gabbing, from Savusavu, Fiji, watch this video.


Rebekah Radice


Rebekah is a social media dynamo and generates about as many shares as any blogger I know of.

Her Flare count runs into the hundreds of shares within a day or 2 of publishing her latest post.

This is evidence of how generous Rebekah is with her time and talents, for you receive freely by first giving freely.

I enjoy how Rebekah formats her posts. As for her branding, she’s top shelf, with plenty of appealing imagery neatly placed on her blog.

If you want to learn more about how to do social media the right way, and how to integrate blogging into your social media campaign, she’s the woman to speak to.

Visit Rebekah’s blog here:


Yaro Starak


Yaro Starak is a wildly successful blogger who I count as an inspiration for this blog. He’s been a digital nomad for many years now and has made his life’s work teaching other people how to become financially free through doing the blogging bit.

I took a cue from Yaro when I chose to publish posts less frequently to spend more time working an aggressive blogger outreach campaign.

Yaro is in the vein of John Chow in that he’s earned some serious coin through blogging and is quick to share his knowledge with eager students.

Visit Yaro’s blog here:


The Chief Lessons


Successes will teach you all you need to know to succeed, or they may just do the work outright, for you, if you connect with them.

Guess who's going to market? Me, ready to pick up our customary bananas, peppers and tomatoes in Savusavu, Fiji.

Guess who’s going to market? Me, ready to pick up our customary bananas, peppers and tomatoes in Savusavu, Fiji. See the lion statues? One by my head, the other to my right….Tony Robbins donated these. He owns the world-renowned Namale Resort in Savusavu.


If you want to show up on some successful blogger’s radar help them like crazy. Publish a 5 paragraph comment on their latest blog post. Share their content on social networks. Believe you me, they’ll notice.

Keep helping, assisting, learning, and most of all, allow these successes to stoke the creative fire in you, so you too can become a professional blogger – or, can reach new, exciting milestones as a pro blogger – and can inspire other folks to do the same.


Your Turn


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What bloggers can you add to this list?

What lessons have you learned from successful bloggers?

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