You may be breaking out in a cold sweat.

God knows I did.

I went absolutely freaking bonkers when I pondered writing my first eBook.

Ditto when I released my first audio course.

I mean, who the hell was *I* to create some product for people to consume, use and benefit from? Even after some fabulous success online I was still a former bum security guard. Only famous people can release products or services successfully. Or so I thought.

Besides, all the logistics are too much of a pain in the ass to deal with. All that formatting crap. All the niceties. Bleh!

You may be thinking the very same thing now.

The ego plays many damaging con games. Talking yourself out of creating your first successful product is one such game.

With this in mind I decided to write an eBook to help you create your first rocking, profitable product. Even if you’re piddling in your pants trying to figure out when, how or why you should be creating delectable consumables for your blogging audience.

So enjoy:

12 Helpful Lessons I Learned from Publishing My First Successful Product (Amazon eBook)

Why Buy the eBook?


Before you dive into any eBook you probably need to know why you’d buy it and consume it. Well the buying part is stupid easy because this eBook is a Biddulph Bargain priced at only 99 cents. As are all of my eBooks.

It’s a bite-sized, delectable treat pregnant (sounds weird but true) with practical, usable lessons to help you:

  • launch a successful product on your first attempt
  • avoid being a guinea pig (unless you enjoy being a furry rodent experimented upon)
  • cut your learning curve by years; learn from my successes and mistakes
  • gain insight into why you should NEVER stop at 1 product
  • learn how to generate easy product sales
  • get tips for picking the right product topic
  • uncover the secret to making an irresistible promise that your audience absolutely cannot resist
  • figure out how to go above and beyond to stand out from a competitive marketplace
  • unlock your true product creating potential by using a mystical power which guarantees increased product sales
  • learn the seemingly mysterious but totally obvious reason of my successful product launches (hint; it’s gotta do with the “I” word)
  • see why presentation counts big-time in the product creation game
  • strangle the pricing-related, product-delaying anxiety which hogties so many aspiring bloggers, digital nomads and hell, anybody who wants to bring their own product to market
  • get the keys to scoring endorsements from famous people
  • learn why teamwork will in fact make your product dream work

Guys, I distanced myself from the blogging crowd the split second I created my first eBook and product. Ya gotta do something to stand out from the herds of newbie, veteran and intermediate bloggers who are screaming for your attention.

Instead of working harder, trying to outshout the legions of kindergartners masquerading as bloggers you may as well just create your own product to gain the trust of your audience.

Why They Rock


Guys like John Chow, Darren Rowse and Jeff Goins are big time bloggers because each guy has a product in their stable. You trust folks who publish their own product because it shows off a certain level of expertise. That impressive level that says:

Hey, this cat *knows* what they are talking ’bout!”

But the toughest lesson I had to learn – and you will, too – in the product creation game is all about facing, embracing, bitch-slapping and releasing the myriad of fears which will arise and follow you around like a little puppy dog on this journey. Your ego will play games. My Monkey Mind engaged in Olympic Level Gymnastics, hopping all over the place like a Gold Medal Winning Chinese Gymnast, telling me why I was an idiot, fool, nut job and fraud for even dreaming of publishing my first product, let alone attempting to create that sucker.

But here I am.

I’ve published my first eBook (122 eBooks ago of course) *and* I’ve created my first rocking blogging audio course to rave, rabid, loving reviews.

I waited too damn long to publish the eBooks, audio books, paperbacks and audio course I’ve created. I want you to avoid that same mistake because YOU deserve to establish the authority, the clout and the kick ass name brand that you’re lining yourself up to receive.

Where I’ve Been Because I’ve Created Products


Check out this As Seen At graphic:


Copy of Untitled Design


Blogging from Paradise – or, me – has been spotted at NYU, Forbes, Neil Patel’s blog, Pro Blogger and all types of authority sites.

I will be appearing on Richard Branson’s blog soon.

Re-read that one. Still shaking my head at it. In a good way of course. Loony, when you think about it. A former bum pier guard who became a full time digital nomad blogger appearing on freaking Richard Branson’s blog?

Creating my own products and services played a big role in landing these dearly coveted spots because when you create something and own that thing you plain stand out from the crowd. Like a pasty white farang in Phuket, Thailand, the tanned expats and Thai locals are gonna notice you. Except when you publish your own product it’ll be a much more positive experience. At least I think. Because I too was once a pasty white farang, 5 years ago when I first visited Thailand.

I since have become much less doughy. And a little more tanned.

You Bloggers and Digital Nomads


I know you may be experiencing the same fears I faced so I just went and jam-packed my most valuable, insightful, prospering and profitable lessons for you in this tidy little eBook to help you:

  • gain authority
  • become an expert in your niche
  • land interviews on famous blogs
  • increase your blogging profits
  • mold your dream lifestyle
  • inspire legions of loyal minions to live their dreams

The power is in the product.

But you gotta actually CREATE the product and PUBLISH that bad boy to reap the countless benefits of shipping your first treasured, blessed creation.

This eBook will give you a framework based on the hard, enlightening, and fascinating lessons I learned along the way. Profit from my journey. Save your time. Do so with a helpful resource to put your blogging career into overdrive.

Ebook Chapters


Lesson #1: Easy Buy Easy Sell

Lesson #2: Pick a Clear Topic

Lesson #3: Offer a Delightful Promise

Lesson #4: Over Deliver on the Product

Lesson #5: Ask People to Buy the eBook…..a Lot

Lesson #6: Purify Your Intent

Lesson #7: Get Your Cover, Covered

Lesson #8: Don’t Over Think the Price

Lesson #9: Endorsements REALLY Count….Get Them

Lesson #10: Your Outreach Campaign Will Make or Break Your Product

Lesson #11: The Inner Work Precedes the Outer Success

Lesson #12: Don’t Stop at 1

The chapters break down exactly what you’re getting.

These are the lessons, the experiences, that you can capitalize on without getting your hands TOO dirty. You will want to have fun and follow basic, fundamental tips of course but there is absolutely no need to stand on the sidelines, like a timid lil’ dog with its tail between its legs, being terrified to publish your first product.

There is also no need for wheel spinning for days, weeks or even…..gasp….years. No need to struggle like hell. Those lessons I share above can be dissected, studied and heeded to make your life infinitely easier.



As I said up top, I have largely been a guinea pig. Now it’s your turn to rock this sh*t out, to live in paradise, to become a pro blogger and to avoid the muck that I waded through, the swampy, overpowering, debilitating entrepreneurial ooze I walked through, not too unlike the stuff I struggled through daily during my recent house sit in the jungles of Buena Vista, Costa Rica.

Been there.

Done that.

No need for you to struggle like hell.

You *can* live your dreams and have loads of fun engineering your first product.

Downloading this bite-sized eBook today can be your first step towards freedom.

Tell Your Buddies


Tell your buddies about this one. Give ’em the link for downloading. If you’re like how I was and you’re on the product creating fence you may feel paralyzed by fear, doubt or other terrors, and you need that little – or big – kick in the ass to get your rear in gear. This eBook can be that kick in the tushy.

Learn from My Experiences


Let me tell ya…..after being a full time digital nomad for the past 5 years I sure as hell wish I had created a product when we first flew to Bali half a decade ago. Don’t make my mistake. Download the eBook, read it, and cut your learning curve by eons….or….years….and make sure to share it with your friends too.

Buy 12 Helpful Lessons I Learned from Publishing My First Successful Product on Amazon


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