You *can* make terrible blogging mistakes and still count Howler monkeys as your neighbors. This guy chilled in the jungle canopy above our lodge in Mombacho, Nicaragua.

You *can* make terrible blogging mistakes and still count Howler monkeys as your neighbors. This guy chilled in the jungle canopy above our lodge in Mombacho, Nicaragua.


3 freaking readers. After blogging for 3 months.

I threw my hands up in disgust.

I recall the day vividly. I even remember 1 of my reader’s names: it was “Kathy.” Kathy may even be a current day reader. If she is, God Bless Her. She weathered some wicked storms with me.

She saw me fail horribly on my old blog. She even saw me make dingbatish mistakes on Blogging from Paradise. Yes; I made many stupid mistakes with this blog. I did a full 360 recently, returning to the same intent I held when I created this blog in Fiji, in June of 2014. Greed, attachment and some other shitty drivers caused me to lose my way here and there….but thank goodness, I am back.

Before We Continue…..


Before we continue with my most stupid, business-busting blogging mistakes, I want to share a helpful eBook with you. Here’s the kicker: like every single one of my eBooks it’s priced at $0.99 cents. Blogging from Paradise NetworkingMachineCoverSmalleBooks for under a buck are colorful reads – at least most of them are – and you betcha that they’re filled with either my practical blogging tips or fascinating blogging stories.

Way too many bloggers are hellbent on creating posts and NOT promoting them effectively. God knows I have found my silly self in that crowd. To address the pained, shameful feeling of having an audience of crickets I decided to write:

13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine 

I have shared exactly how you can become a popular, networked, connected blogger, to grow your audience and income steadily, through this eBook.


Audible Version

Buy the Audible version of this book so you can listen to these solid gold networking tips while exercising, while doing house work or while nodding off to sleep. Just spend the $6.08 to listen to my networking secrets for living in the tropics as a pro blogger.

Buy 13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine for $6.08 (Audio Edition)

What It Feels Like to Live the Dream


My friend Cynthia – and owner of the spectacular Mombacho Lodge – said that howler monkeys may pee or poop on me. I probably deserved it. In truth, being defecated upon by the world’s loudest land animal would have been a feather in my Blogging from Paradise cap. Kelli and I are living in Granada, Nicaragua for 2 months on a house sit. We spent this past weekend at the lodge, watching a troop of howler monkeys chill in the jungle canopy while we relaxed in a peaceful, chill spot, which I see as the most desirable Nicaraguan hot spot.

During our time spent at Mombacho we saw:

  • howler monkeys
  • tarantulas
  • opossum
  • cute little micey-looking things (lost the translation from our tour guide Juan)
  • more species of ants than categories on my old blog (that’s a lot of categories)
  • magpie jays
  • Volkswagon-sized cockroaches
  • great-tailed grackles
  • Brilliantly-colored oropendola

We also found out that these jungles were home to the fearsome bullet ant, that marvelous creature which possesses the most painful insect bite on earth.

This was a brilliant weekend. Just check out this 1080 HD video that I recorded.

Visit Cynthia’s blog for booking information:

Mombacho Living

The Shift?


How in the hell could a blogger who’s made so many spectacular mistakes – a few of which I’ve made as recently as 3 weeks ago – live such a brilliant, freeing dream life?

I addressed some of my mistakes.

I also succeeded despite my mistakes.

That’s the rub; you can live your most brilliant, spectacular dreams despite making some bone-headed errors. I am living proof of that. BUT….you will flounder and fail and flail in the wind if you don’t address some fundamental, terrible, injurious blogging mistakes. You may feel absolutely disgusted, utterly lost and terribly vexed. I have been there. I still experience these feelings now, from time to time. Why do I live in paradise, then? I progressively ferret out my worst mistakes, correct those suckers and slowly but surely build my blog on solid fundamentals.

If you want to blog from paradise admit to your mistakes after reading this post.

If you want to earn a full time income through blogging admit to your mistakes after reading this post.

If you want to earn your first $10 through your blog admit to your mistakes after reading this post.

The way to succeed is to admit your blogging mistakes more quickly than the other guy or gal. Very few folks are willing to admit their mistakes; the few who do live pretty damn spectacular lives. I still make beginner errors in some areas yet I just spent this past weekend in paradise, chilling en la selva, hanging with howler monkeys, traipsing through the tropics with tarantulas, and adding 1 more month to our current 53 month trip around the world.

I am living the dream. Even though I have made 15,435 mistakes along the way.

I want to take you with me.

See Yourself Living Your Dreams


Can you visualize yourself in Nicaragua with me?

Can you see yourself relaxing in a jungle lodge, at the base of a volcano, smiling as you watch howler monkeys lazing in the jungle canopy above your lodge?

I think that you can.

Now that you’re in the proper mental space it’s time to dissect your (possible) errors, to cut your learning curve by years.

Benefits of Reading this Post


  • cut your learning curve by 1 to 3 to 7 years (I am not kidding…I’ve struggled with some of these for 7 years)
  • enjoy your blogging journey (blog stress-free….at least, most of the time)
  • free more bloggers by setting a good example
  • increase your blogging income and traffic steadily….instead of going in reverse

OK…’s time to dive into my worst blogging boo-boo’s so you can avoid these asinine errors.

1: NOT Promoting the Stuffing out of Each Post


I added 35 fresh, new, targeted subscribers to my email list recently by doing 1 thing: promoting the living stuffing out of my recent blog post.

The old, idiot me tried to post more frequently. I tried to amplify my reach, solo-style. Not good. Because I could only do so much through my blog. When I slowly left comments on authority blogs, linking in to the same post, and when I promoted that recent blog post on multiple bookmarking sites and blogging networks, I noticed something funny: I grew my email list with 1/10th the effort. I gained more social shares easily. I had more fun. I felt less pressure to publish frequent posts.

My mistake was trying to publish posts frequently because I became obsessed with having fresh content. My mistake was promoting posts in 10 areas instead of in 60 areas. My mistake was speaking to 10 groups of people instead of speaking to 60 groups of people.

Your Lesson

Write 1 post. Promote the post to 60 groups of people. Take 1-2 weeks to do this. Or, take 3 or 4 days to do this. Whatever. Just focus on promoting 1 post to a bunch of folks to build your online reputation, to appeal to a bunch of interested folks on their platform of choice and to score backlinks through a ton of different sites. Google likes seeing your blog linked through a bunch of different sites.

Promote your latest blog post here:

  • Twitter (my 37,000 followers)
  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Facebook Groups (I promote my latest post to about 5 blogging tips themed groups)
  • G Plus profile
  • G Plus Fan Page
  • G Plus Groups (I promote my latest post to about 20 blogging tips themed groups)
  • LinkedIn
  • Triberr
  • Pinterest (I promote my latest post to 5 blogging tips themed boards)
  • StumbleUpon
  • Biz Sugar
  • Scoop It
  • Viral Content Buzz
  • through in-depth, guest post sized blog comments on authority blogs like Pro Blogger

There’s your list, mi amigos. Get to work.

2: Straying even the Tiniest Bit off Topic


3 weeks ago I made a beginner mistake. I conned myself into believing I was NOT making a mistake, but it was a terrible error.

I strayed off topic.

Sure I was selling a dream but my travel themed posts were not focused on smart blogging tips. My readers love them. I loved writing them. But making that silly error created unclear, confusing cross currents which slowed down my email list growth.

Darren Rowse ALWAYS posts about blogging tips.


Kelli and Fritz, the fearless 90 pound Belgian Malinois/Sweetheart/Hell Hound to strangers.

Kelli and Fritz, the fearless 90 pound Belgian Malinois/Sweetheart/Hell Hound to strangers.


So……Ryan Biddulph will ALWAYS post about blogging tips.

I will work my dream into blogging tips posts – see the Mombacho Lodge story above – to remain true to my brand. I am blogging from paradise, after all. I will just publish tips to help you retire to a life of island hopping…..THROUGH SMART BLOGGING….to stay 100%, fully, clearly on topic, to program you to see me as that “guy I can go to for smart blogging tips, said guy living in the freaking awesome tropics.”

The Vomitous Old Blog

I strayed a bit off topic with Blogging from Paradise. Guilty as charged.

My old blog was a vomitous, repelling stew of 40 plus topics.

My old blog was a veritable jumbalaya of 40 plus topics – or was it 50 plus? – ranging from…well….everything. My topics changed with the wind. Since it is impossible to be a lawyer and mail woman and garbage man and doctor and financial planner and security guard and police officer and customs agent and nurse and meteorologist and blogger and statistician and pro football player and programmer and SEO analyst at the same time, I decided it was not a good idea to cover 40 topics on my old blog. I scrapped it. I created Blogging from Paradise. I stuck to 1 topic….UNTIL…..I strayed off course.

I covered travel blogging and a few other topics, and suffered, and flubbed up. But I learned my lesson. 3 weeks ago I decided to blog only about “blogging tips.”

Keep me on topic if I stray like a dingbat, OK?

Your Lesson

Write only about 1 topic. Write only about blogging tips. Or, write only about the law of attraction. Or, write only about web development. Pick 1 topic. Stick to that topic.

If someone is having legal problems they hire a lawyer.

They do not hire a lawyer who is a part time doctor.

Or, they do not hire a lawyer who is a part time doctor who is a part time garbage women.

Lawyers spend 100% of their professional energy to become a good lawyer.

You spend 100% of your professional energy to become a good ONE NICHE blogger.

Blog about 1 niche.

My friend Andrew Warner does a fine job staying on topic.

3: NOT Writing Guest Post Sized Comments on Authority Blogs


During my eBook writing blitz I had not the time or energy to write guest post sized comments on authority blogs. Excusable.

During my lean blogging days I had no excuse; I made a terrible mistake by turning down this free, easy blog marketing method. I was in a hurry. I was in a rush. Either I ignored blog commenting, writing it off entirely, or I posted a 3 or 4 sentence comment in a hurried, frantic manner, failing to make an impact.

The Biggest Mistake I See Among Struggling Bloggers

You can post pure blogging garbage but if you have hundreds of blogging friends you can make a living through blogging. I stand by that statement. I am living proof.

The howler monkeys who almost defecated on me in the jungle can write better than me yet I spoke about blogging at NYU. A NY Times best selling author said that I was a “smart guy.” I honestly can’t write for squat BUT I have a bunch of blogging buddies who I met through blog commenting. Said buddies endorsed me and promoted me and even asked me to co-write eBooks with them.

All because I wrote guest post sized comments on authority blogs.

Your Lesson

Write guest post sized comments on top blogs from your niche. Since I’m a blogging tips guy I write guest post sized comments on Pro Blogger.

Check out how my friend Donna Merrill comments on top blogs. Mimic her. She’s really good at writing authentic, helpful and thorough comments. Follow her lead. Increase your blog traffic, make blogging buddies and grow your community through the miracle of blog commenting.

4: Writing Short Blog Posts (600 Words or Less)


I was a former Blogging One Night Stand.

In one night, out the next.

I made a silly blogging mistake for way too long: I held back by writing short blog posts.

Note; you can have massive success writing short blog posts if you have a stunningly successful marketing funnel in place. John Chow is a fine example of this. He’s not really a blogger; he’s an internet marketer with more internet marketing experience and wisdom in his left pinkie toe than you and me combined. No shame in that. The guy has been internet marketing for like 20 years.

He can send out a 400 word blog post to hundreds of thousands of people and get some sick pop.

Unless you are an internet marketing pro who knows how to reach hundreds of thousands of people, through paid marketing, through free marketing, and through having a monstrously large, targeted email list of 50,000 people of more, do yourself a favor and avoid the asinine, dumb mistake that I made.

Your Lesson

Write 1,000 word to 5,000 word or longer pillar style posts to build a blogging rep of a guy or gal who really knows their blogging shiznet. Take your foot off of the posting pedal. Will it take you 14 days to write, publish and promote a 3,000 word blog post effectively? Yes? Then spend 14 days writing, publishing and promoting the blog post to 30 or 50 or 60 spots, between the networks I shared above, mentioned in Mistake #1.

Writing 1 epic post, and promoting that epic post to 60 or more spots, will lead to the 30 or 60 or 150 email list subscriber boost more quickly than you’d ever believe. You can build your list way up to 1,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 subscribers 1 kick ass, effectively promoted, thorough, showy, impressive blog post at a time.

Write 1 kick butt post. Make it count. Promote it for 1-2 or even 3 weeks. Watch your readership grow. Watch how targeted your new 20 to 50 email subscribers seem to be. Observe the miracle of creating something in-depth, thorough and really, really, really helpful, a blog post which can boost your blogging rep overnight.

Even through my shorty post mistakes over the years I still built enough of a blogging rep – through my pillar style posts – to retire to paradise. THAT is the power of writing in-depth, thorough, pillar style posts. It’ll take you from the Netherwood section of Plainfield, NJ to Nicaragua. Just like me.

Read my friend Adam Connell’s pillar style posts for a good example of some really epic, in-depth content at Blogging Wizard.

5: Not Building an Email List……Aggressively


Eff list building.”

I took that attitude for 6 and a half years of my online career.

Which is why I had to hustle like a Thai lady boy whore to make ends meet.

I worked stupidly because readers may check their Triberr or Facebook or G Plus or RSS feed aggregator but they will check their email inbox.

I love Nicaraguan Pinguinos like most people love their email. Pinguinos are Nica crack to me. I am Jonesing for 1 now. This is why within 3.3 seconds after publishing my newsletter I see 13 email opens. I am not kidding. And this was when my email list was piddly small. People have that same obsession for email that I have for my beloved Pinguinos.

Why Email Marketing?

When you publish your latest email newsletter a list subscriber hears “ding ding ding” on their iPhone or Android Smart Phone. Like Pavlov’s dog, the reaction is instantaneous. Said subscriber opens the email, reads your post, and may share it or buy your eBook or whatever, all within seconds to minutes. After this initial stream of instant opens and clicks and buys and shares, subscribers will click and open and click links and buy and share your stuff over the next 1-2-3 weeks, or until you publish your next email newsletter. That’s a crap load of traffic and clicks and shares and sales for me.

Your Lesson

People love to check their email so make it easy and convenient and simple for them to see your posts and share your posts and to buy your stuff. Build a freaking email list.

I use Mail Chimp.

Not building an email list was one of my worst mistakes. Drop everything now, start building your list, and come back to read the rest of this post later. Don’t worry. I’ll wait for you. 2 Pinguinos are calling my name. Right now.

Marc Andre is a fantastic list building teacher as he’s scored some heady numbers over at Profit Blitz.

6: Blogging for Money, for Fame and for other Outcomes


I have revisited this mistake so many times, it’s not even funny.

I have lost my mind by blogging only for profit. I have destroyed my blogging rep. I even retarded my Blogging from Paradise growth by blogging mainly for profit, stifling my creative energies, fearing to give stuff away for free, and avoiding the $0.99 price point I knew would work for my eBooks, for roughly 13 months.

My Terror

Because my story was 1 in 7 billion I figured it made sense to charge $11 for my eBooks.

Then I figured it made sense to charge $2.99 for my eBooks.

Then, when stuff got real, I figured it made sense to give away each one of my eBooks for free, for 4 days, and to charge only $0.99 for every single one of my eBooks.


Ominous clouds moving into Mombacho.

Ominous clouds moving into Mombacho.


I still grasp at money here and there but I feel more like a guy who has it all, already. Since I already have it all I figure the quickest and easiest way to help the most folks possible is to give away my eBooks – 1 by 1 – for free, for a week, and I figure that selling my eBooks for $0.99, giving away all my best secrets, is the way to go.

I am not detached from making money through my blog and I still make this mistake to this day yet I am becoming more detached from making money through my blog, which is kinda neat.

The Lesson

Give away your best, most thorough stuff, for free.

Give away some of your best stuff for a set price.

Blog to free yourself. Blog to free your audience. Doing this will inspire you to create kick ass, free blog posts and webinars and videos. Then, you’ll create kick ass eBooks and offer kick ass services. You’ll charge for your eBooks and services but you won’t care about the money much. Your focus and joy will be focused on doing kick ass, freeing stuff.

Blogging money sneaks in the back door when you’re not concerned much with making money through blogging.

Matthew Capala gives away a ton of stuff for free on his blog, which is why he’s become so successful.

7: Ignoring My Life Story


What the freak would a broke security guard have to share with the world?”

I thought that 7 years ago. I was a loser. Pretty much. I had no online experience. I had no business experience. I knew nothing. I knew nobody. This huge mistake – the assumption that my story was worthless – held back my blogging growth because I blogged sheeple-style, for many years. I followed the leader. I blogged to follow. I didn’t want to stick out. Good God. People who stand out get criticized.

Critical Readers

Most folks will really, really love what you’re doing if you tell your story.

A few folks who lack the balls to tell their story in an authentic way may criticize you, your story and your style. It will likely happen. I share because this very fear, well, I allowed this fear to grow, and I allowed this fear to consume me, and I allowed this fear to bitch slap me into NOT telling my story. I saw how folks loved story tellers but I also saw how a few folks hated story tellers. I recall readers commenting on how much of a loser I was when I had no money. I recall commentors laying into my blogging and marketing strategies. These moments cut to the bone; I became so enraged at these critics that I visualized myself beating them, to punish them for their snarkiness.

Not that I had any anger issues, or anything…….goodness gracious I had all types of issues from my childhood with criticism and worthiness and fear that when I did attract my first few critics, after opening up to tell my story, that many suppressed, buried feelings arose in roaring rapids fashion.

Telling my story freed me. And I didn’t need to wait to tell my story until I had lived my dream. I could have told my story from Day 1 online. I could have told my story when I was over $50,000 in debt and when I promoted an online deal I couldn’t give a rat’s fanny about and when I went bankrupt and during all of those lean times.

If I did tell my story back then, sharing my journey, along with my dreams, I would have set up a neat springboard for my brand. People would have seen the authentic, real, failing, miserable, but hopeful me, from the beginnings of my online career.

Hey, lesson learned. I eventually integrated my travels into my blog because everybody loves a good story.

Your Lesson

Stories make up billion dollar industries. TV. Movies. Books. You name it. Most human beings are addicted to stories. I stay up until 2 AM sometimes reading A Song of Ice and Fire. Kelli and I are watching American Horror Story on Amazon Prime now. Why? We’re addicted to stories, from when moms and pops read us bed time stories, to the movies, to TV, to online shows, to reading a really good book.

Tell your story so we can come to know, like and trust you. We want to see your successes, your failures, your story. We want you to be human and vulnerable. We want to know about the wacky things that have happened in your life. We want to know the mundane stuff you’ve experienced too. We’ve been there. It’s all special.

Tell your story. Link your story to your niche. Rock it out.

Your story is the 1 thing that separates you from the billions of folks who have ever lived because no 2 stories are alike. I know a few other Ryan Biddulphs on earth but I ain’t met a Ryan Biddulph who was a former security guard, current pro blogger, Amazon best selling author and combatant of Nepali wild men. Yeah….you better tell your story if you want to stand out from the crowd.

8: Not Sharing My Blogging Failures


Have you noticed my home page?

Check it out:

Blogging from Paradise eBooks for $0.99

I was horrified when I checked my eBook sales 3 weeks ago. I felt disgusted. I felt despondent. After each feeling arose and passed I said to myself: I am at the perfect place at the perfect time. I had not properly promoted any eBook. I was so damn busy turning them out like hotcakes that I could not give them away for free, effectively. I felt like an abject failure. A few hours later, I felt grateful, whole, complete and hell yeah I did a complete 180 on my home page. I am promoting my eBooks these days through free giveaways and through making each one of my eBooks 99 cents and through talking about them a bunch and through tweeting them and through sharing them on free giveaway boards and…..did I mention that I am giving my secrets away for 99 cents at a pop?

See how it’s done?

I had to get super clear on my blog after experiencing the disgusting feeling of failure. In truth, my failure was not all that bad. I sold some eBooks. I sold over 117 audio books as of a few weeks back while barely promoting one eBook.

Oh snap. I actually succeeded. Wow. Different framing, different experience. But the thing is, if I don’t share my failures – and I did not for about 5 years – you can’t connect with me. You may feel that I am lucky or talented or that my life is a breeze and that I have not felt the deep, dark sting of disappointment.

Before I lived my dream I avoided the failure and disappointment and nightmares because I lived in my miserable but familiar comfort zone. After leaving my comfort zone regularly I failed, and I failed, and I fell flat on my blogging face….and I still fail until this day, even as I live in the tropics and island hop like nobody’s business.

My failures make me human. Sharing my failures helps you to connect with me.

1 minute, I am a blogging machine, living the dream, a lucky bastard who wakes up in Granada, Nicaragua for 2 months in a row on a kick ass house sitting assignment. It’s likely tough for folks to connect with that person because he seems so lucky, so aligned, so inspiring, so….perfect.

Then, in the next minute, after I explain how f*cking disgusted I was at my eBook sales, and the absolute utter complete failure I felt like, you say to yourself:

Damn. Maybe, just maybe, I can make my dreams come true if this imperfect, vulnerable person can change time zones like most folks change pants, blogging from paradise.”

Share your failures. Be human. Be believable. Let people know it’s OK to be a wildly successful blogger who flubs up. Or let people know that even though you’re stumbling horribly you are still making a beeline for your goal. We want the… of the story. No window dressing. Keep it real. Keep it raw. Share wins and failures.

9: Attempting to Master 15 Blogging Marketing Methods at Once


Twitter. Yeah, twitter will be my savior.

Nope, it’s Facebook.

Nope, blog commenting will save me.

Add about 12 other marketing strategies, from LinkedIn to G Plus to forum marketing to StumbleUpon and you had the recipe for an epic failure. I failed. I failed. I was lucky to get 20 visitors a day during my lean years. Thank the gods I attract 21 visitors a day now. That’s a joke. I think. I don’t check my metrics.

Anyway, trying to devote my energy to 15 marketing methods torpedoed my blogging efforts because where my attention and energy goes, grows. I gave my energy to 15 different tactics and ain’t none of them grew. Jackass of all trades, master of Pun. I sucked it up. Big time. I made no impact on any 1 network.

The Rub

Promote your blog in a zillion spots. I’m with that these days BUT I only focus on 2 marketing strategies primarily: blog commenting and twitter. I give my attention and energy to each strategy to learn ’em inside out. Doing so helps me to get a rep through blog comments and Twitter because I spent most of my time blog commenting and a bit of my time on Twitter. No mere mortal could become really, really good at 15 blog marketing methods unless they employed 2 octopi – 1 of which was missing a tentacle – or unless said blogger was a demi-god (if you are, sign me up for your list) or unless you spent a pretty freaking penny paying folks to market on various platforms. Hell, even if you outsource you better learn the method you’re outsourcing well to make sure that folks don’t hoodwink you.

The Most Excellent Website

I once paid a few hundred clams 7 years ago to hire an SEO agency. Term loosely used. I did not know jack squat about SEO or ad copy but I did know, after reading the first few ads the agency placed for me, and after reading the first few blog posts placed, that the posts and ads shouldn’t sound like they were written by a 4 year old on Ritalin.

Example: My blog was lauded as “The Most Excellent Website.”

Agency fired, lesson learned. Learn your stuff. Either market on your own, as a pro’s pro, or hire someone who really knows their stuff to free your schedule.

Your Lesson

Work 1-2 marketing channels. Get really, really good at working these 1-2 marketing channels. Market through a ton of different channels but spend seconds to 1-2 minutes, on most of them, and spend 100% of your marketing time on 1-2 methods. Gain a rep through these channels. Simplify your blogging life.

My friend Bobbi Dixon is THE twitter marketer, focusing on 1 network and rocking that network out.

10: Not Spending 10 or 20 Minutes Thinking through My Post Titles


I treated my old blog like a hot potato. Or like it was a bomb which was about to explode unless I published posts within 2 minutes of completing the first draft. I gave as much thought to my blog post titles as I do to what drink I’d choose to go with my dinner.

Note: I am a teetotaler. No booze for Biddulph. No rum for Ryan.

I wondered – idiotically – why nobody seemed to be reading my blog posts. The posts themselves were aight. Or so I thought. But I was missing something. I missed the hook. I missed the lead in. I missed the window dressing.

Have You Ever Tried to Catch a Fish with Your Bare Hands?

The mere mention of the word “fish” inspired me to rush to the toilet. I have fallen ill with food poisoning the last 3 times I ate fish so I have given up on fishy feasts. Way back in the day I did a fair amount of fishing though. I recall hooking a few of these guys. Even while hooked I could barely get my paws on their slimy scales. A bear with severely calloused paws could barely snag a fish.


Pensive Howler monkey, wondering why I was so freaking stupid to make these mistakes.

Pensive Howler monkey, wondering why I was so freaking stupid to make these mistakes.


Attempting to catch a fish with my bare hands – no hook involved – would be lunacy.

Why did I believe that I could hook readers without an eye-catching, attractive, delectable title?

I made this title mistake for eons, it felt like, because I was in such a rush to ship. I got few clicks. I got few reads. I got no blogging dough.

The Lesson

From building enchanting titles involving Thai lady boy prostitutes, to Nepali wild men, to getting coked out in Peru, to the more traditional but just as sticky “13 practical blogging tips” type posts, I have learned that spending 10 to 15 minutes thinking through the best title will double or triple or quadruple your blog traffic.

Practical Tips

  • big numbers rock; 13 tips, 10 reasons, etc
  • get colorful; people love reading descriptive adjectives because we think in pictures, and if you can paint a picture with your title, you’s getting some sick clicks
  • observe what works, both on your blog and on top blogs from your niche, and keep doing that

Set aside at least 10 minutes before you publish your blog post. Think of nothing but your blog title. When you feel clear on creating something that WILL generate some pop, sit on that idea for a minute or 1. Then, when you’re fully convinced, publish the post and reap the rewards of setting up an irresistible hook.

Kelli Cooper runs a fab blog for clearing your inner world to manifest your dreams.

But you already knew that.

11: Not Being Grateful for Every Little Blogging Victory


I should have been over the moon at generating 3 page visits a day to my old blog. Who the hell was I? What did I know? Nothing, really. Or so I thought. Anyway, I fell into a terrible habit early during my online career, one which has plagued even the present day me. Sometimes I am a damn ingrate. I ain’t proud of this, especially being a guy who may or may not be living a movie worthy life, but I forget to celebrate every small victory at times.

I have doubled down recently, being super extra mindful of the 250 plus retweets I generated on my last post and of the fact that I work online and that I am living in Granada, Nicaragua for the next 2 months on a house sit at a really kick ass spot.

My failure? I was so caught up on not having enough that I missed endless small – and big victories – and of course, I flopped for years because most of what I did blogging-wise was from a place of fear, lack and limitation, bringing me terrible results.

Your Lesson

I experienced a shift recently. Life-wise.

I felt grateful for more stuff in my life.

I am forming the habit of counting my blessings.

Doing so helps me to feel good. The better I feel the more good things seem to happen in my life. Blogging-wise. Life-wise.

Count your wins. Every single one. You will be less attached to outcomes. You will become more creative. You will make friends in high places. You will slowly but surely craft the life of your dreams through blogging.

After you’re done complaining with your puny readership thank the lucky stars that you can access something called “the internet” and be thankful for your blog and be thankful for reading this post, so you can learn from my mistakes, versus suffering for 5 years like I suffered.

Count every freaking victory in your life.

12: Posting on a Set Schedule Instead of Posting Only when I Had Something Epic to Share


Ok dudes and dudettes.

You may have something truly epic to share 1 to 3 times weekly.

Or, you may have something helpful to share every day.

If you post daily and if the post ain’t epic, you’ll see success. You may even see stunning blogging success if you have a fab marketing funnel set up, like my man John Chow. Great.

We are swinging for the fences though. I am sharing my most terrible blogging mistakes. MY worst mistakes. I could have established a rep for being an epic poster but I shied away from the spotlight for about 5 years online. I wanted to just get by. I feared not posting enough. I feared falling off of the radar. I feared being off of the blogging grid. So….I settled for OK results, for years, when I could have taken things up 50 notches. I settled for average when I had epic within my grasp.

I made this mistake as recently as 3 weeks ago. I wrote OK blog posts. No harm in that. But I had more potential in me. I yearned to break my mediocre chains.

I made a full commitment with this post:

Download 7 eBooks for $6.93

to do things right. To swing for the fences with each post. To only post when I felt clear on creating something impactful, something inspired and something epic.

I also started to put 2 and 2 together; damn, if I only put out quality work and if I charge a fabulous price for my eBooks you better believe that my eBook sales will rise. 2 birds one stone territory here.

These posts are similar to my eBooks so if you enjoy my wild travel stories or if you need inspiration or if you are hellbent on getting my blogging insights on a variety of topics you’ll visit my homepage and download 1 or 5 eBooks – or more – for 99 cents.

I mean, check out what David did. Pretty epic, right?

Why I Bought the Collection of Ryan Biddulph Books!

All this awesomeness came together for me because I slowly moved toward doing something epic, versus following some set posting sked.

Your Lesson

Post when you have something really inspired to say. Don’t scrimp. We’ll usually remember the blogger who makes a massive splash each time they post.

Your Turn


Do you agree with these mistakes?

What mistakes can you add to this list?

What mistakes are you correcting right now?

What blogging mistakes are you having a tough time shaking?

Call to Action



I spotted a real problem; most bloggers aren’t connected, and they do not know how to get connected. To address this issue I wrote and published this eBook. It’s chock full of tips to help you make friends with blogging influencers. These are the types of influencers who can expand your online presence quickly.

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2nd Call to Action

After downloading your free eBook for the week buy a few more Blogging from Paradise eBooks for only $0.99 cents at a pop. I have addressed many of your blogging problems by writing helpful, practical tips laden eBooks. Yes, for you.

I’ve also written inspirational eBooks to help you through your blogging struggles and you betcha I’ve published colorful travel tales recounting fascinating experiences from my 53 month trip around the world.

After reading enough of your emails asking:

Where in the heck should I start, Ryan?”

I created this categorized list of my eBooks and I broke it down by these topics:

  • blogging tips
  • digital nomad
  • inspiration
  • law of attraction
  • online business
  • travel

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