Sunset from tonight in Savusavu, Fiji.

Sunset from tonight in Savusavu, Fiji.

I’m watching the sun set now from our back porch in Savusavu, Fiji.

Yep, I snapped this image above not 5 minutes ago. Something else, right?

We really do have a million dollar view.

Imagine this….a house nestled on a jungle hill some 50 meters over the bay in Fiji. Our home commands ridiculous views of both the bay and Pacific Ocean. We soak up some pretty neat mountain views too.

Blogger outreach had as much to do with this internet lifestyle than any other factor.

No, not creating blog posts.

No, not learning some intricate blogging skills.

No, not becoming a copy genius.

If I published posts for no one, learned but had no audience and wrote intriguing copy for an audience of crickets I could never have retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

You, my audience, made this happen because if I didn’t reach out and connect with you, I’d be writing a diary, and I’d probably have sprinted back to weekend work at the container terminal as a security guard in Newark, New Jersey, after I got the pink slip, and failed miserably as a blogger.

But I decided to use blogger outreach to touch more lives. I learned from the greats, made friends, put their knowledge into action and here I am.

Living in Fiji for 4 months.

What is blogger outreach? I define it as making friends with authority bloggers so you can both help each other out. Think of leveraging. If I generate 50 or 100 Retweets through this post alone that’s 50 to 100 twitter followings who can potentially see my work.

That’s a whole lotta birds.

That’s the power of blogger outreach.


What are the Benefits of Blogger Outreach?


  • Inspire more people
  • Boost your blog sales
  • Boost your blog traffic
  • Meet and befriend influencers
  • Expose yourself to creative ideas
  • Engage in joint ventures
  • Have more fun and become inspired more frequently

Easy concept: when you surround yourself with winners you’ll become a winner. Take my web designer, Phillip Dews. The man has put in serious hours to create the masterpiece you see today(this blog’s design), and he’s the most kind, genuine, loyal, and persistent person I’ve connected with online.

I met him through outreach.

PD has inspired me to push myself a bit beyond my limits because he’s always been there, supporting me through tough time, putting out blogging design fires and playing a huge role in the surge of traffic, prospering opportunities and success I’ve seen through my blogs.

Outreach. Gotta do it, to even come close to reaching your potential because you can’t do this blogging thing on your own.

Blogger outreach is incredibly fun too. It should feel like a mini party, each time you connect with an authority blogger and persistently build the bond through multiple interactions.

On to the 11 tips…let me know what you think about them in the comments section, OK?


Embrace the Golden Rule


The Golden Rule of blogging – and life – is the supreme law of success.

Give what you wish to receive.

Give freely to receive easily.

I like the Golden Rule. It works well for me. I’m in no rush to succeed of course but simply helping people out bolsters my outreach campaign quickly. Envision what you bring to the table before asking someone for something. That’s the great secret.

Do as much as you can for the person. Build a relationship with pro bloggers.

Example; I follow each tip below like clockwork. A few hours ago I commented on Neil Patel’s latest post – and it was a mammoth comment, super helpful at that – and promoted his blog via a RT. I’ll do this daily, or, however frequently Neil publishes a post.

It may not lead to an interview request, and I may never ask for anything from him…BUT I generate seriously good blogging karma by living according to the Golden Rule.

Promote Authority Bloggers Generously


RT, FB Share, G Plus, and share authority blogger’s posts, podcasts and videos across social platforms and bookmarking sites. Promote authority bloggers freely. Build your outreach campaign on a sturdy foundation.

Some pro bloggers may promote you in return, or ask to interview you, or offer to do an interview on your blog. Why? You helped them out for weeks, or months, or years. In most blogger’s cases, a few weeks of helpfulness catches their eye….in the case of hyper attentive bloggers like myself, I’ll spot a commentator and free promoter within hours or days, and I’ll remember them.

Proof that I'm very skilled with Photoshop or that I'm actually in Fiji snapping these pictures.

Proof that I’m very skilled with Photoshop or that I’m actually in Fiji snapping these pictures.

Just give whatever you wish to have. Do you dig having your latest blog post promoted aggressively across multiple social media channels? Promote authority bloggers across multiple social media channels, and of course, detach from outcomes.

This ain’t a 1 for 1 deal folks. Give for the joy of giving, give to help, and then get busy creating good content, helping your clients, developing helpful products and promoting other pro bloggers.


Comment Freely on Authority Blogs


Gabbers get noticed. Gabbers gain followings. I comment like I’m creating content. 5 paragraphs, name-using, personalizing, and sharing my take. Create comments like content to make your blogger outreach campaign sizzle like a crispy steak.

Comment freely, meaning devote your full creative energies to commenting on authority blogs within your niche, 1 blog at a time.

Remove getting backlinks from your mind. Stop trying to get traffic, or to serve your own needs. All these goodies flow to you freely if your intent is to add value to a post and to establish a sense of community for authority bloggers.

Remember, each thorough, in-depth comment you create is a piece of content. Smart bloggers know this and will appreciate your insight in more ways than one. Comment. Create a memorable, impactful blogging outreach campaign.

Adrienne Smith is the queen of commenting and master of blogging outreach. Visit Adrienne’s blog to see how the pros do commenting.

I have to mention Steven Wilson too. The man is a commenting machine and outreach king. Do stop by his blog to read his latest post here: Steven’s blog.


Respond to Each Comment on Your Blog (Timely)


Respond to each comment on your blog in timely fashion. Responding within minutes helps, hours, ain’t so bad, and of course, responding within at least 24 hours shows that you have a pulse and that you’re not asleep at the wheel.

Think of it this way; if someone listens to you in a conversation, and then, shares their take, you sure as heck appreciate being heard.

I love it when Kelli and I walk into the center of town here in Savusavu, Fiji, and chat with my man William McPherson, or Jonny outside of the Copra Shed. These folks are my friends now, and chatting with them on a daily basis builds our bonds stronger.

Ditto, when you respond to comments quickly….and every one at that….because you’re continuing the conversation, building stronger bonds, and making your outreach campaign more powerful.


Be Authentic


Real people make real impacts.

Look at my sidebar. Go ahead, rest your reading eyes for a minute. From our current location in Fiji, throughout most of Southeast Asia, and Costa Rica, and Peru, I’ve been there.

I intend to be authentic in all I do by documenting my experiences, via these words, and photos, because I want you to get to know me. Sure, you’ll like and trust me if you really vibe with my delivery but the realness factor puts my outreach campaign into motion.

Put simply; people trust authentic, genuine folks, and distrust fakers. Tell the truth. Practice writing, so that you write with your own voice, and recount experiences from your life to be genuine.


Hop on Outreach Opportunities Quickly


I received an opportunity to do a podcast interview yesterday after. 45 seconds after reading the email I crafted a response and replied. Done deal. Opportunities tend to multiply quickly when you seize and use them.

Outreaching bloggers write a bunch of guest posts. Some folks appear to be all over the place. It’s quite simple; these wise bloggers hop on outreach opportunities, pronto.

I write guest posts, field interview requests and comment like crazy to boost my blogging outreach. It takes reaching out to become a known commodity in the blogging world. Hop on opportunities when they arise to rock out your blogging outreach campaign.


Learn from Outreach Dynamos/Masters/Jedi’s


I count people like Neil Patel, Matthew Capella and Zac Johnson as my outreach idols. These folks do as good a job as anybody at branching out to build bonds through fulfilling interview requests, conducting interviews on their blogs, doing podcasts, publishing guest posts and simply being blogger outreach dynamos.

Each mentor has taught me that I’ll be more helpful to more people if I can partner with successful people.

Learn from the best. Take notes, follow their blogs and subscribe to their email newsletters. Learn how to pay it forward by picking up valuable knowledge and sharing your insight with your blogging audience. Learn from the best to become a networking champion who builds a strong, thriving, ever-growing community around your blog.


Detach from Your Own Needs


This one seems tough at first, until you fall in love with the idea of giving. I could care less about trying to get traffic, or monetizing any outreach opportunity, because I know relationships build my blogging audience and income quicker than any plea or strategy on my part.

I often receive JV, or Joint Venture, requests from well-meaning but green strangers. Someone may pitch me an allegedly mutually-beneficial JV 1, 2 or 3 emails into our hour’s long relationship.

Ummm… just met me, so pitching me quickly you want to make money with/off me….you don’t want to become my friend. Although I appreciate the kind gesture, and believe many of these folks mean well, this impatient, self-serving gesture displays that the person is a bit too hung up on fulfilling their own needs that they’d be a mismatch, at least for me.

Help people, help people, and help people – especially the experts in your niche – and you’ll be asked to fulfill outreach opportunities more times than you believe. Neat, how it all works when you detach from your own needs, or any outcome for that matter.

I do get it. Outside of enlightened souls we’re all a bit selfish, right? No worries, but just move that self-interested motive guy or gal to the side a bit more through the day, so you’ll be focused on helping people, and not trying to get anything from them.


Have More Fun and Work Less


Have fun throughout your work day, and if what you’re doing feels like work, you’re doing it wrong. Have fun, relax, detach, and you’ll instantly become more attractive to prospering guest post opportunities, joint ventures, freelance opportunities and other situations which can benefit both parties, as well as your respective audiences.

The view from our driveway. No, I'm being serious, it REALLY is the view from our driveway.

The view from our driveway. No, I’m being serious, it REALLY is the view from our driveway.

This one gets easier when you detach from outcomes. Creating for the joy of creating makes you magnetic to success, blogging-wise and life-wise. Successful people naturally attract successful people to them through all types of channels.

Nobody benefits from being stress, sick and broke. Calm down. Stop stressing, straining and striving, and start having fun to magnetize yourself to fun, successful people.


Talk Life Not Just Business


Get. A. Life.

OK, I may be the extreme in this regard. I talk business blogging here and there, and share retirement tips, and all that good stuff, but I fill my social media streams with travel pictures.

I talk about all types of non-business stuff with my audience and through my outreach campaign.

I may connect with my man Phillip Dews and chat about his plans for the weekend, or I may reach out to a new friend and simply ask about what they’re up to.

Check out my twitter stream. You’ll see plenty of non-business tweets talking sports, life, whatever, because I’m a human first, and humans appreciate humans.

I use this same approach when chatting up influencers. People hate to be seen as business conduits, or stepping stones, but they love to be seen as a real person with a real life, who’s connecting with someone who genuinely wants to know much more about them, than their business side.

I’m that genuine guy.

If you want to really supercharge your blogger outreach campaign, chat non-blogging stuff on social networks and through email. Connect with folks, make friends and this level of detachment will make you absolutely irresistible to business opportunities.


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Even if you just need blogging tips – and aren’t keen on retiring or island hopping – I know you can find immense benefit in what I have to share.

Please share this post on your social networks if you vibed with this post. Or share it if some of your friends could benefit from my insight.

Also, leave me a comment below so we can get to know one another.


Your Turn


Your turn.

How do you conduct blogger outreach?

Are you having a difficult time making friends with authority bloggers or does making friends come easily to you?

What outreach tips can you add to this list?

Until next time….enjoy paradise.

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