How do I find time to take snapshots like these? By using tools.  Check out our neighborhood in Fiji.

How do I find time to take snapshots like these? By using tools. Check out our neighborhood in Fiji.

I cheat.

I have to admit it; I’m not really all over the place. I may appear to be. Honest to goodness, I’m a cheater, cheater, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.

I travel all over the world and show up all over the internet too, on forums, authority blogs and social networks, but I’m cheating to do it. Sorry.


Paradise and Lessons Learned


Here in Savusavu, Fiji I’m living the dream. I’ve been blogging from paradise for the past 39 months straight.

I can recall the split second our plane landed in Denpasar, Bali some 39 months ago. The excitement, the joy and my enthusiasm for being in Bali were unbridled. I was through the roof.

Fast forward 39 months and I have 1 secret that I hold to. This secret has:

  • Saved me 2 to 3 hour’s worth of work each day
  • Saved my fingers
  • Saved my fingertips
  • Helped me leverage my presence with ridiculously little effort
  • Helped boost my blogging traffic and income
  • Helped me enjoy Fiji, and Bali, and Phuket, and Koh Lanta, and every other island paradise I’ve visited

What’s the grand secret? I use tools. What’s my favorite tool:  Hootsuite Pro.

Yep, I use other tools too, which rock, but Hootsuite Pro is the best tool I use. HSP is the most effective, intuitive, easy to embrace tool for freeing up my schedule.

I couldn’t laze on the beach here in Fiji, or chill in Bali, or pet tigers in Thailand or feed monkeys in Costa Rica if I didn’t use tools.


Dumb Ryan


OK, maybe “dumb” is being a bit harsh but I recall the days of manually posting my latest blog post link to 50 or more groups on Facebook.  On some days I’d stay up until 2 AM just copying, pasting and adding a comment or 2 for context.

Now, since I no longer choose to be dumb, stubborn, or ridiculously cheap, I cheat. Or, I use Hootsuite Pro.


Me and Cheating


I’m not really cheating I guess. I just use a tool that helps me publish updates automatically, around the clock, to people across different social networks and across different time zones.

So it looks like I’m all over the place, working like a beast, yet I leverage my presence in seconds. This is how I’ve saved myself 2 to 3 hours a day by using Hootsuite Pro.

So no cheating I reckon, but I almost see it as cheating compared to my “beast of burden” type promotional strategy a few short years back.

I only sell what I use and believe in. If I offer an affiliate product – and yes, I do receive compensation through each HSP sale – I’ve used the product for weeks or months and it’s played a chief role in my internet lifestyle, blogging from paradise.


Today in Savusavu


I woke up. Watched some Fiji One on the tube – World Cup 3rd place game today – ate breakfast, wrote articles for clients and shared my posts for tonight, and tomorrow, via Hootsuite Pro, to multiple social networks.

That last task right there would have taken me hours to complete in the past. Now it takes roughly 5 minutes.

I use it. I believe in it, because I know how much of an impact the tool has had on my life. I feel that it can help you too.


 Before I Continue


Please, engage. Don’t fully automate your blogging promotional strategy. Automating without engaging makes you a bot, and bots do poorly as freelance writers – trust the old me on this one – or pro bloggers, or heck, as anybody.

You can manually engage, or engage with HSP, but keep on chatting. Set up a 2 way street, just like we have here in Savusavu, surprisingly.(although the street is about 10 feet wide)

I snapped this postcard-type shot from our front yard in Savusavu, Fiji last night. Thank you, ferry. Perfect timing.

I snapped this postcard-type shot from our front yard in Savusavu, Fiji last night. Thank you, ferry. Perfect timing.

Chat, engage, ask questions and share answers to make your automation that much more powerful, effective, and to gain the trust of your blogging audience.

The Reasons…


Why should uber busy bloggers use Hootsuite Pro? Here are the reasons….

(Editors Note: But first….evidence that I may be on to something with this post….the folks at Hootsuite Pro responded to this post with….)


Save Time


I save myself 2 to 3 hours of time daily using Hootsuite Pro. No more manual copying and pasting to various groups on various social networks.

I also save time by not having to open twitter or Facebook every few hours to check updates or post content.

Busy bloggers, I hear you. Take my recent trip. I flew from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur to Sydney to Nadi to Labasa. Each flight on a separate day. I left Phuket on Monday at 8:30 PM and with the 5 hour time change and 4 flights, arrived in Savusavu on Thursday at about 6 PM.

If I don’t automate I’m doomed. Enter tools. Whether you’re a working or stay at home mom who blogs on the side or a full time pro blogger you need tools, to be cool, and to save time.

Go Hootsuite Pro.


Computer Strain


Spending hours on the computer each day can put a strain on your eyes, neck and back. Using tools helps you spend less time on the computer which means less strain.

I actually experienced sore fingers in the past from copying and pasting links to so many groups on Facebook and Linked. That’s a problem of the past now.

Tools can help you avoid health issues. Yep, gotta exercise – I did my 40 minute vigorous bike ride through the villages of Savusavu today – but you also need to work intelligently to stay healthy.

I’ve published some 3400 posts to my old blog. As of this writing, I’m intending to do 3, 2500 word or so posts weekly on Blogging From Paradise. I need to reduce strain at all costs through using tools.

Use tools. Get off of the computer.


Get a Life


Using Hootsuite Pro helps you get a life…or have a life…..outside of blogging.

What good does me sharing blog tips do me, if I’m slaving over a laptop for 18 hours a day? I retired 5 years ago to avoid that nightmare. Nope, I’m an internet lifestyle guy these days. I’m blogging…from paradise….and enjoying paradise.

I work some – and mostly have fun working – then play like crazy each day. When Hootsuite is sending out updates I’m either playing, or sleeping.

I may be chilling with friends in Kathmandu, Nepal, or connecting with friends at the Bali Bakery in Denpasar. Wherever I am, I can enjoy being in that hotspot because automated updates are being sent out through my social accounts by HSP.

If you want to retire, learn to let go. Learn to delegate tasks. If you want to retire to a life of island hopping you better automate to make your life easier, and to have a life at that.


Hit Different Time Zones to Maximize Your Exposure


When I go to bed tonight I’ll have the globe covered. I’m the first time zone west of the International Date Line; yep, I’ll see today before just about any of you.

So Fiji residents, and a few of my Aussie buddies and New Zealand buddies will see my live updates.

Then I’ll Hootsuite updates to twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the rest of Asia, Europe, Africa and The Americas. Easy peasy, at the click of a button.

Busy bloggers need a way to reach the world without going bonkers. HSP it.


Chat in the Future


OK, it’s one thing to automate updates, and yet another to chat in the future. I can send out my latest blog post via Hootsuite but I can also send out @replies on twitter in the future too using this tool.

If you’re a tweet fan you know clogging the stream gets annoying and sending out a steady flow of evenly timed tweets is twitterly pleasing.

HSP allows you to respond to someone while living in Fiji according to their time zone, or at least according to your preferred time zone.

I like scheduling @reply chats during EST hours in the US. Makes sense to chat when people are around, right? I may be fast asleep in Savusavu when they respond but rest assured, I can get back to them within 24 hours, and again, tailor updates according to their time zone.


Intuitive Interface


I find Hootsuite Pro easy to use. Simply open up the app and check whatever streams you’ve chosen to display. I focus heavily on twitter. I display twitter streams and @replies.

I may add LinkedIn or Facebook if I want to boost engagement on each network to drive targeted traffic to my blog through these channels.

Hey, I’m a busy blogger. I know you are too Saving myself seconds or minutes today, by using an easy to embrace app, adds up to hours, weeks and months over the long haul.

@Reply, or share your latest travel photos, or latest posts, or text updates quickly and easily.


Cost Effective


Hootsuite Pro offers a powerful leveraging solution for a few dollars each month. Leveraging your cash, time and energy helps you retire, island hop and have a life too.

Not much else to add here. Other than that, if you want to spend a few bucks to make your blogging life easier, and you want to send out evergreen posts through cost effective tool, go HSP.


I Promote It


Alright, this one’s open to serious debate….but again, I promote only what I use, believe in, and what’s improved my life drastically….so if you trust an island-hopping, retired from the 9-5 grind, pro blogger, come on board.

Hootsuite it.


Ease of Importing


I belonged to hundreds of Facebook Groups. Then I bought HSP. I worried like mad. How could I hit the beach in Phuket(or Fiji or Vietnam, or Costa Rica) if I had to manually add so many groups?

No worries. HSP offers you ease of importing, meaning that once you log in and synch accounts you’ll automatically add any group from Facebook or LinkedIn that you choose to add.

As you can imagine this saves one a ton of time.

The last 3 reasons were kinda short but no sense stringing out an easy to understand and embrace reason, right? This next one will be a bit longer.


Hootsuite Pro Forces You to Pay for a Tool


Alright, this is an upside and downside (as I’ll discuss later)….depending on your mindset.

I admit it; I was a globetrotting fool who was a bit too much of a fool. I refused to drop a few bucks on Hootsuite for many, many months. I refused to spend cheddar.

I was living in paradise yet spending too much time in front of my laptop manually sending out updates, logging in to multiple social media accounts to reply to my friends, and doing time-wasting stuff, all over a few bucks each month.

One day I said “the heck with it”, bought the tool, and freed up 14 to 21 hours of my work week.

Here’s the deal; to retire, and become a PROFESSIONAL blogger, who makes enough money to travel the world, and who socks away some scratch too, you must move into the spirit of opulence.

It may not take money to make money but it takes using tools to make your life easier. It takes:

  • Spending money on dependable web hosting to brand yourself professionally, and to keep your site live 99% or more of the time
  • Buying tools to automate intelligently, saving yourself time and energy
  • Spending money on a reliable internet connection through which you publish your content and connect with readers

The list can go on for a few minutes depending on the size and scope of your blogging operation but for me, I had to learn, to move into higher circles, and to be taken seriously, to release money, to spend it on things that mattered, to become a pro.

The Universe is energy. Professional bloggers send off professional energy, through their content, the value of their connections, their overall presentation, and through their willingness to spend at least a few dollars on their tools, presentation and education.

Put plain and simple, if I didn’t spend at least a few bucks making my life easier I’d still be in Port Newark reading numbers off of shipping containers and trying to calm down surly truck drivers instead of listening to crickets serenade me as I type these words, overlooking the bay in Savusavu, Fiji.

Spend a few bucks folks. This lesson will teach you that pros invest in effective tools that amateurs complain about, “not being able to afford.”

(On a side note, if you can’t shell out $7, $10, or even $20 a month for some tool or service, how do you expect the Universe to reward you with enough money, to retire to a life of island hopping? Remember, it’s all energy, and you get whatever you think you can afford, and deserve.)


The 2 Main Downsides/Disadvantages


#1: You Have to Pay for it


People who are struggling financially – or non-serious bloggers – would complain about having to pay for Hootsuite Pro, and professional bloggers – or aspiring pros – would pay for Hootsuite Pro without complaining.

So if you’re really struggling financially, or afraid to spend a few bucks to accelerate your blogging success, then this is a downside. Hey, I’ve been there folks on both levels…no judgments. It just is what it is. Or, if you’re a hyper bootstrapper, I hear ya too.

You CAN certainly see success without using this tool, or by bootstrapping across the board but I believe investing a scant few bucks in a tool will make your blogging life easier.


#2: The Days of Automating to a Zillion Groups Are Over


Facebook has cracked down on automating to a ton of groups at a time. This too can be seen as a downside. You can’t get quite the bang for the buck you did in the past.

Facebook has smacked me down here and there for aggressive automating. I deserved it. I was too exuberant.

Now I automate a few updates each day to Facebook Groups, to LinkedIn Groups, and to a few more of my social networking profiles. Twitter of course is an exception; you can automate more aggressively through this micro-blogging platform.

Overall though, you’ll have to send out updates to 10 or so Facebook Groups at a time, staggered by an hour or 2, to withstand Facebook’s wrath. Downside I reckon.


The Verdict


I see 2 downsides and 10 upsides. Or you can ID the money issue as a “draw” so, we can say 9 upsides or benefits, and 1 downside of drawback. You know how I feel by now.

You can give the tool a whirl for a month. Take your 30 day free trial of Hootsuite Pro here.


Your Turn


OK, call to action time guys.

Please share this post on all of your social networks if you found value in it.

Do you use Hootsuite Pro?

How has your experience been?

Do you use tools to make your life easier?

Or do you prefer to manually send out updates across social networks?

Please share your thoughts below and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my blog. Just scroll up to find the form at the top right of this page.

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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