Savusavu Fiji sunset from our back porch.

Welcome to Blogging from Paradise! I’m excited to begin a new journey, blogging-wise and life-wise.

After running a few successful blogs over the past 4 years I came to a crossroads; how could I best integrate my lifestyle with the hopes and dreams of my readers?

Well, you’re looking at it folks. I chose to heed the comments of my blogging buddies who always dreamed of traveling. I also wanted to share practical, simple blogging tips for a targeted audience.

Now for the paradise part. I’ve traveled the world for the past 3 years running. I’ve lived in places like:

  • Fiji
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Costa Rica
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Peru
  • India
  • Nepal

We’ve island hopped from places like Koh Lanta to Phuket to Bali, and have traveled all over Costa Rica, Cambodia, Laos, and through Southern India too.

I want to inspire you to live your dreams too.  I want you to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging like me, or maybe you want to live in your own version of paradise, being surrounded by your family and friends while boosting your income through a side blogging gig.

More than a few of my readers enjoy living vicariously through me and my travel photos. Get ready for more, as I’ll be serving them up rapid-fire style with each post.

If you want to retire from your 9-5 to blog full time you can do it. I was a fired security guard 5 years ago. Now I blog from a hill top home with a million dollar view in Savusavu, Fiji. If I did it, I know you can do it because you likely know a thousand more things about blogging and prospering online than I did, 5 years ago.


Reader Expectations


Expect to attract more readers and boost your blogging income after reading and using my tips, and you better believe I’ll tie my practical blogging tips into my forays through paradise.

Island hopping through smart blogging. That’s what we’ll be all about here.


My First Post


You know me by now, former readers….and new readers, you’ll quickly identify my style. Learn more about me and my story here. So it’s on to the post.

Posts here will be longer and more in-depth than my past offerings on other blogs but I’ll still get right to the point. So without further delay….


Fruit Bats in Fiji


Kelli and I are living in Savusavu, Fiji now. We have a million dollar view of both the bay and the Pacific Ocean, sitting some 50 meters high on a bay side hill. Absolutely amazing, where blogging can take you.

Anyway, we’re privy to an amazing treat each night. Behind our place lies a monstrous jungle gorge. Think, “Skull Island”, home of King Kong, or maybe, “Jurassic Park.”

One neat inhabitant of these jungles is the fruit bat, also referred to as a flying fox. Picture a bat-like mammal with the face of a dog and a 5 foot long wing span. Amazing creatures. We see them leave the canopy at sunset as they look for papaya, passion fruit, bananas, and other fruits native to Fiji.

These are fruit bats - or flying foxes - from Kathmandu, Nepal when we visited in September 2013. Too dark in Fiji to snap a shot of our Fijian fruit bat buddies.

These are fruit bats – or flying foxes – from Kathmandu, Nepal when we visited in September 2013. Too dark in Fiji to snap a shot of our Fijian fruit bat buddies.

I think our Fiji fruit bat neighbors would make for successful bloggers Yes, these fascinating creatures share the most intelligent of blogging tips. Here’s why.


The 10 Reasons…..


You Can’t Miss ‘Em


Imagine a bat with a 5 foot wing span. Can’t miss these suckers. Factor in their cute faces and you’ll become a fan, pronto. Fruit bats were used pre-CGI days as the “bat of choice” in some horror movies because of their immense size. Not sure if they blacked out their cutey faces though. Not exactly terror-inspiring stuff.

Bloggers need to be un-missable to succeed. How can you stand out like a fruit bat? Easy. Practice writing. Write, write and write some more to find your unique, one of a kind voice, and people will come a-knocking. When people knock your blogging audience and income will increase. Guaranteed.


They Forage at the Right Time


During the day the sun shines bright and annoying people are out and about, cutting down papayas, like me. I chopped down 3 today. Dessert, anybody? So fruit bats do the nocturnal bit.

At night they devour Fijian fruits in peace. No stress, although a bit of a mess. You should see the discarded papaya corpses they leave on our property.

Bloggers must forage at the right time too. This means making hay while the sun is shining. Publish your blog posts at the right time. Maybe it’s 8 AM or 10 AM. But it’s likely early in the day. Posts published at midnight generally elicit an army of cricket chirping, like I’m hearing here in Savusavu, Fiji right now.

Practical tips:

  • Listen to your audience
  • When do they seem to read and share your posts most frequently?
  • In what time zone – or zones – are the majority of your readers located?

Answer these questions. Post accordingly.

They’re Like Clockwork


Every night at dusk they hit the skies. Fruit bats coasting through the Fiji night sky are a sight to behold. They do not take nights off; bats need to eat to survive. Passion fruit, papaya and bananas are a calling.

Successful bloggers are like clockwork. If you publish daily or 3 times a week stick to your schedule. Condition readers to look out for your posts at the same time each publishing day. Your readers should be able to set their clocks to your publish times.

So, publish when you intend to publish, like, all the time. Auto-schedule. Get work done ahead of time. Take a lesson from Fijian fruit bats.

Fruit Bats Know How to Avoid Resistance


Fijian fruit bats hang upside down high up in jungle trees. Few people are in the neighborhood of the fruit bat, which means little disruption, rock-throwing, or other stupid stuff that kids or fools do to these precious creatures.

Instead of sleeping on the ground or seeking out crowded neighborhoods these guys and gals simply chill in the trees deep in the jungle, in most cases. No need to cause or become a nuisance to farmers and landowners who love their precious fruits.


(I avoid fights for the most part….unless someone disturbs me when I’m writing for my clients)

Guess what? As a successful blogger you’ll learn to avoid resistance too. Stop fighting with trolls. Steer clear of writing controversial posts unless you are 100% clear on the topic and don’t mind dealing with angry, unclear commentators who’ll happily fight you tooth and claw to make their point. Just hang upside down, up in the jungle trees in Fiji….or, don’t go looking for blogging fights.

Examples of blogging resistance:

  • Internet trolls
  • Haters
  • People whose sole purpose is to disagree with you; people who lack clarity in their lives and need to fight you, to take out their frustration

Devote your energies to creating good things for others, not to looking for a fight or a heated debate.


Fruit Bats Eat Only the Sweetest and Most Ripe Fruits


A few of the papayas on our property were decimated. Absolutely destroyed. Fruit bats at it again. No fruit bat in its right mind tries to cut through the hardened shell of unripe fruit. Impossible….and besides, the bitter fruit inside would taste terrible.

Fruit bats wait for sweet papaya, and delicious passion fruit, and delightfully ripe bananas before they dig in. They’re patient sonofaguns and are rewarded for their patience with delightful treats.

Successful bloggers know there’s a sowing and reaping season. By patiently creating valuable blog posts, posting in-depth comments on authority blogs and aggressively promoting successful bloggers the successes in our niche are watching their blogging fruits ripen.

Nope, successes don’t try peeling an unripe banana by worrying about the lack of money they’re making or readers they’re attracting during the first month or 2 of starting a new blog.

Not ready yet. They wait, like the fruit bat, and by patiently sowing good content and making good friends with successful bloggers the day will come for reaping…aka….getting more subscribers and getting paid via channels like ad revenue and product sales.


Fruit Bats Eat from a Mixed Menu


What’s in season? Papayas, or bananas, or passion fruit? Or maybe, pineapple? Fruit bats go for what’s ripened. Papaya seems to be the fruit of choice now as our red bananas are not quite ripe yet. Fiji fruit bats are not dependent on any one fruit. They’d starve if the fruit suffered through some blight.

They vary their menu selections and succeed in harvesting a sweet treat from the delightful fruit smorgasbord on our property each night.

Top shelf bloggers earn through:

  • Creating their own products
  • Setting up Adsense
  • Generating ad revenue through other channels
  • Affiliate marketing

Like fruit bats you need to protect yourself from 1 or more income streams drying up by diversifying. Think – and blog – like a fruit bat.


Fijian Fruit Bats Know where to Find Food


That would be, our yard. Or any yard by ours, as we all have plenty of fruit trees on local real estate. Tonight I watched a few bats swoop in right after sundown, clinging onto their precious nectar in the form of papaya trees in the front yard.

These guys have a homing device which zeros in on fruit trees. They fly across the jungle gorge directly to the trees, latch on, and voila; they’re chowing down on some tasty fresh fruit.


How I energize myself in Fiji.

How I energize myself in Fiji.

As a successful blogger you’ve likely learned how to target your audience through SEO techniques. You’re peppering in long tail keywords here and there. You’re likely using niche-specific keywords in titles too. Your precious, succulent nectar is a targeted, loyal reader, who you can help and bond with.

Successes start with the end in mind. Know where to look. Paint a vivid picture of your ideal reader. Build your blog around this individual, from your URL, to blog name, to tagline, to post title, to ads, to free giveaways, to your products.

Think top-down:

  • Attract targeted readers who want what you have to offer starting with your URL or domain name
  • Your title should be your domain name, or the worded version if you will
  • The tagline should expound on the title
  • Each blog post should expound on the title and tagline
  • Each product, service, ad or heck, any picture, or anything on your blog should vibe with your title, tagline, posts….all must meld together, and you’ll attract the perfect reader, again and again


Fruit Bats Know When to Chill


Hey, even Fijian fruit bats need rest.  Days are spent hanging upside down, sleeping in the jungle canopy. They need to energize themselves for their nightly fruit-feasting escapades.

They can’t forage all day long; who can?

Blogging rock stars know their most brilliant ideas hit them away from the computer. I thought of this starting this blog after a few days of non-blogging. I wrote a few articles for freelance clients, and spent the rest of my days staring out at the Pacific Ocean from our back porch.

I rest, relax, recharge, and creative ideas hit me. I don’t consider myself a rock star but I can generate a ton of creative ideas on demand, just about.


Fijian Fruit Bats Live in Paradise


They may not know it but fruit bats in Fiji live in paradise. They live among an abundance of fruit trees here in Savusavu as few people inhabit our area. Think, 3000 people spread out among a nice portion of Vanua Letu, the second largest Fijian island. Few people to deal with, tons of fruit, paradise.

Well my aspiring island hoppers, you too need to place yourself in a mental paradise at least to find creativity. I live in Fiji now – for the next 4 months – so you think it’s easy for me to get inspired. Fair point….but I had to find the same level of inspiration from within when I lived in New Jersey.

I vibed high, even when I was staring at oak trees in North Jersey instead of coconut trees in Savusavu. Hey, I

My home office for the next 4 months. Not bad, eh? Fiji rocks.

My home office for the next 4 months. Not bad, eh? Fiji rocks.

wanted to succeed. I couldn’t make any excuses. I wanted to be free, and to circle the globe, and to blog from paradise, so I mentally prepared myself to rock out this online thing, and here we are.

Mentally enter into a paradise-like, creative space. Build a gratitude list for all you have. Fall in love with blogging and creative blogging ideas will find you easily.

Practical tips:

  • Visualize
  • Affirm
  • Meditate
  • Build a gratitude list

Do what you can do, now, to feel good, and paradise will be where you stand. Then, you can book a ticket to Bali or Fiji once you make this feeling your predominant vibe, for a different taste of paradise.


They Warm Up


Fruit bats here do a neat thing; before sunset these guys flap their wings through a few test runs. Fruit bats drop from their hanging position, spread their wings and do a few laps. Back to the tree. Grab a branch, hang upside-down, then the warm-up lap a few minutes later.

Getting the flying juices going pretty much ensures they’ll avoid a crash landing. No fruit bat wants to meet head on with a papaya fruit, without slamming on the brakes. Ouch.

Successful bloggers warm up by….drum roll please….writing! Write. Write. Write. Write. Publish. Publish. Publish.

I published some 3400 posts on 1 former blog. During my entire blogging and freelance writing career I’ve published some 5000 to 6000 posts/articles. How? I knew why I wanted to write, and I wrote. I knew successes wrote, and wrote, and wrote, to find their unique voice.

Warm up with a test run or 2, or 3, by writing and editing your post, and then publish it. Publish again and again and again, and you’ll be gracefully soaring the blogging skies in no time like my Fijian fruit bat friends.

Successful bloggers can learn a lesson from our Fijian fruit bat buddies. I hope you enjoyed my little analogy.

If you like watching my videos or if you just want to see a breath-taking video of the beach beside our place in Savusavu, Fiji, click on the Play button below to watch this video.

Now it’s time for some chilling in paradise. A little reading, some TV and off to bed while Savusavu Bay laps at the volcanic black sand shores across the street.

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Your Turn


Now, it’s your turn.

What tips can you add to my list?

What lessons did you learn from our Fijian fruit bat neighbors?

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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