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What do large, furry mammals and successful bloggers have in common?

Well to be honest, if I don’t do the whole body shave down a few times every 3 to 4 months, I am the large, furry mammal who’s also a kinda successful blogger…..BUT….to answer that question accurately buy my new eBook on Amazon:

Buy 10 Reasons Why Fijian Fruit Bats Would Be Absurdly Successful Bloggers



Cover image snapped at Nagigi Beach, Fiji.

Here’s the deal; my first blog post on Blogging from Paradise tackled this same topic. I wanted to flesh this out into an eBook to benefit you. And because I am addicted to writing. And because I wish to give fruit bats their due, especially in Fiji.

How in the HELL can a cute dog-looking thing that feasts on papaya not get some serious pop online? They deserve to shine.



  • increase your blogging income by learning the art of drawing analogies to weird, obscure topics and your blogging niche
  • be teleported into paradise, in Savusavu, Fiji, as I tell tropical tales to whet your island hopping senses
  • grow your blogging community through learning practical, usable tips
  • free yourself by reading a few dead on blogging lessons, imparted to you via a hairy, cute, sometimes loud as hell mammal, with a 4 foot wingspan and a nasty streak too…..don’t let the cute face fool ya!

I want to free me. I want to free you. So, I write, and I write, and I write. This was the 2nd eBook I released last week. Just getting around to writing a post about it now.

Why Buy the Book?


  • Blogging from Paradise books have like 40 or more 5 star reviews on Amazon, or something like that
  • you’ll receive proven, practical tips for retiring to a life of island hopping
  • the cover image alone is worth the $1.99….I snapped it from Nagigi Beach, Fiji….right by Savusavu…and yes, no filters!
  • Blogging from Paradise books have generated some sick celebrity endorsements
  • Did I mention it was a buck ninety-nine? I keep my books inexpensive so a gazillion folks can download them, from Bangalore, to Bali, to Bergen County


Guys, I have another eBook coming out in a day or 2. Or something like that. Order this one, or heck, buy it, or whatever, and add it to your Blogging from Paradise library. We’re part of something special here, you and me, because I am bringing more and more folks along for the ride with me.




Chapter 1: You Can’t Miss ‘Em

Chapter 2: They Forage at the Right Time

Chapter 3: They’re Like Clockwork

Chapter 4: Fruit Bats Know How to Avoid Resistance

Chapter 5: Fruit Bats Eat Only the Sweetest and Most Ripe Fruits

Chapter 6: Fruit Bats Eat from a Mixed Menu

Chapter 7: Fijian Fruit Bats Know where to Find Food

Chapter 8: Fruit Bats Know When to Chill

Chapter 9: Fijian Fruit Bats Live in Paradise

Chapter 10: They Warm Up


Click it.

Click it.

You can see from the chapters that the analogies are colorful, fun and pretty darn helpful if you want to learn the art of successful storytelling, and of successful blogging. Once you’re exposed to storytelling, you’ll never go back….as a blogger, or an author. Buy this bad boy, and enjoy.

Call to Action


Buy the eBook and post a review for our community.

Buy 10 Reasons Why Fijian Fruit Bats Would Be Absurdly Successful Bloggers on Amazon

Thanks for your support guys!

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

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