Note the highlighted yellow oval.

Note the highlighted yellow oval.


You NEED to be doing this. Or else you’ll fail. Royally. You may find yourself with a cast of molten gold poured on your head. If you don’t DO this one blogging thing. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll probably be hung from your lats with meat hooks if you don’t follow this blogging tip. That won’t be too bad.”

I enjoy being featured on blogging round ups. Gives readers a chance to see how clowns can blog from paradise. I also shoehorn Game of Thrones or Star Wars references into these posts. On occasion.

But sometimes I get a chuckle while reading round ups. Because my well-meaning blogging buddies offer advice not too inconsistent with the lead in paragraph. Save the meat hook hanging. Although some come close.

Incessant Blogging Pro #1: “You NEED to build an email list or else you’re leaving 14,543,987 readers on the table. And maggots often inhabit the skulls of bloggers who refuse, despite the incessant advice of experts, to grow a freaking list.”

Incessant Blogging Pro #2: “If you’re not guest posting, you may as well volunteer to be target practice for the firing squad. Seriously. Just transition to the ethers already. Make the quantum leap. Your life will be forfeit unless you start guest posting.”

Back in the day, I would routinely receive emails warning me that, not that they wanted to pressure me, but I may be fully responsible for causing World War 3 and the ensuing carnage if I didn’t start building an email list.

The Worst Advice You’ll Ever Receive….. from ANYONE who says you NEED to do something to succeed. Or, anyone who says that not following a certain action plan will lead to failure.

Absolute, pure, steaming blogging bullshit, this talisman of blogging torture is, for when you become a Doing Monster – in lieu of becoming a Being Monster – you are pretty much guaranteed a life of stress, anxiety and the eternal feeling (until Kingdom Come) that you aren’t enough, or don’t have enough.

Doing in and of itself has no value. The energy behind your doings creates the success. Or failure.

If you repeat the prior line to yourself, and embrace its truth, you will avoid this sneaky blogging mistake:

Believing that specific actions – or the sheer volume of your actions – will bring you blogging success.”

80% of bloggers never make more than $100 during their blogging careers. Whether their careers last a day, a decade, or somewhere in between. All of these folks have access to the “stuff you need to do” and many of these bloggers freaking do the stuff you “need to do” and flounder for years, looking for the dreaded 1 key, the 1 tip, to make everything better, which of course, they will never find.

Because it’s a Universe of Being. Not DOINGS. ~ Quote Ryan Biddulph on That One

I didn’t sniff enough to procure a stick of gum for months, during my early blogging days.

I couldn’t afford to eat at a soup kitchen back. Really. That’s how broke I was.


I was flummoxed. Confused. Felt like the Universe was baboozling Biddulph.

I had my tidy little To-Do lists. I “outworked” everybody (sure sign of my insanity), putting in sick hours and DOING more than most folks from my niche. At the end of the day, I was window shopping at the $1, eight day old counter at Shop Rite.

(Note; avoid buying fish from such counters. Fish does not age well. You’ll either become sick or a Super Hero by eating fish past its shelf life date. PSA for the day. I did follow this advice.)

I flopped around like an inebriated swordfish on the deck of a fishing trawler because my energy sucked. I did all the stuff those blogging pros told me to do. But I belly flopped like an obese hippo diving off of a ladder into a kiddie pool.

I did SO MUCH STUFF, outworking (absolute effing loon to think this is even possible) bloggers from my niche, putting in 18 hour days. Yet at the end of the day, I was sick, broke and depressed. A blogging bozo. A doing monster.

My energy was poo poo. And everything is energy. That’s why I struggled. My actions were worthless because it’s a Universe of Being not Doing. I listened to well-meaning blogger’s advice, worked harder, and became even more frustrated. Because my energy sucked. Whether I worked 5 minutes or 115 hours a week, I was doomed. Because it’s a Universe of Being, or feeling whole and complete and loved and supported, of having fun, and of feeling present and appreciative and cared for….and it is NOT a Universe of Doing.

So the next time you read an expert round up, listen to the guy or gal (usually me and Kelli) who advises you to follow your passion or to follow your fun.

It’s an energy game guys. It’s not a doing game.

Hummingbirds do not consult calendars before they migrate South.

Lions do not consult a To-Do list before hunting water buffalo.

Being. Life Force. Presence. Energy.

That’s what’s up.

Look at My Sidebar


Go ahead.

Scroll up. Scroll down.

Have you ever seen a more egotistical clown? This side of the Kardashians?

I sometimes feel my right hand is my most valuable asset. Selfie-talk. Mind out of gutter.

I’ve lived in paradise. For years. I’ve been blessed to be featured on world famous blogs. My recent flurry of famous blogging features (and alliteration) occurred as I did jack shit. Save picking up dog doody. And wrangling bullet ants.

When I did my DOING during the prospering years, it was fun. I sure as hell wasn’t working. No straining. No striving. No pushing or conniving or scheming or DOING for the sake of DOING because you must DO certain stuff or some volume of DOING actions or else you’ll be placed in quick sand with 100 pound bags of coffee beans strapped to your back….and front.

Unless you’re a particularly skilled sand swimmer or coffee afficianado to the millionth degree you may succumb in such a scenario.

The Solution to the Mistake


Look outside of your window. Find a tree. Does the tree work off of a To-Do list?

(If you live on Middle Earth, do not follow this exercise. Ents are known to be Doing Monsters. Even as they mosey about at a phlegmatic pace.)

The tree grows itself. The grass grows itself. Birds eat seeds. Without referencing a To-Do list.

You are like the tree, the grass and the bird. The Force is strong in you, Young Padawan. The Universe grows you and anything you touch. On auto pilot. Swear to God (Universe), this is how I’ve allowed some stunning things to happen in my life. I did not MAKE ’em happen. I allowed the Universe to handle shiznett.

I just had fun. And let go.

The Big Difference


The big difference between you and the tree: you have a consciousness. You can fill your consciousness with ideas of doing a bunch of stuff or certain stuff to get stuff (or you can accept the Invisible Monkeys of others… that article by Joe Vitale, it’s brilliant) or you can fill it with the idea of only doing if you’re having fun, and allowing the Universe to handle everything else.

You will be having fun guys. You will be doing but only if it’s fun. Having fun is the reward. The gift. The joy. The passionate energy. Then, as you are Being Fun, your experience is expanded on auto pilot. The grass is grown. The tree grows. Without a To Do list. Ditto all in the Universe. Ditto you.

Your Only Doing Is….


…having fun.

Do what you have fun doing, and that fun energy will shine to the mountain tops. THAT is the secret to getting on Forbes and Virgin and Neil Patel Dot Com and to having Chris Brogan tweet endorse you and to cyber speak about blogging at NYU.

Your doings can’t figure it out. Nor can your adorable but puny mind. But if you are just BEING, doing some fun stuff, and allowing the Universe to handle The Rest, magic will happen in your blogging career.

The Reason Why this Works Brilliantly


When you’re having fun, you let everything in. Ideas. People. Circumstances.

Eureka ideas. Famous people. Money. Readers. Clever blog post titles. Etc…etc….etc….because your energy rocks. You’re just being. Letting stuff come to you. Then when you play (have fun/take fun action), the play feels light, calm, peaceful and detached.

You’ll never work a day in your life when you adopt this vibe. And you will be a beacon in your blogging niche, a tower of power, a bright light that readers will flock to, like how mosquitoes are mesmerized by bug zappers, and how flies flock to light bulbs, and how moths migrate to floodlights….except you won’t kill your readers when they find your light. At least I hope you don’t.

Because your energetic light is sustaining, supporting, caring and loving.

Readers want more of that light. They crave it. They thirst for it. So Be It.



Many pro bloggers are fabulous folks. Successful folks too. The issue: a high percentage of these inspired experts tie most if not all of their success to doings. Or to actions. So they bind themselves to set schedules and strong internet connections and actions and actions and actions and doing and doing and doing.

Meanwhile, I’m publishing this blog post today and walking around Central Park in New York City with Kelli after that. No other plans. I’m not tied down. Nor bound. Because my blogging business is not dependent on my doings. Or my actions. But on my energy. And if I feel whole and complete, and cared for, and present, and appreciative, all day long, my actions will be fun actions, and I can take SO MUCH LESS action to see astonishing results, as I experience a free, fun life, based on my being, not my doings.

Wanna start BEING an island hopping, pro blogging fool?

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